Saturday, March 3, 2012

Former Sheriff Richard Mack: This is the Answer, This is the Solution - Nullify The NDAA Now

Former Graham County Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack ( closes out the January 31st public event in Las Vegas, Nevada. He explains how a county commissioner and a county sheriff are nullifying the NDAA and indefinite detention through resolution and action. Mack extols the commitment that the over 100 sheriffs have to uphold their oaths of office and that the purpose of this meeting was to show other sheriffs how they are already protecting the liberties of their people every day. He ends with an announcement of his candidacy for US Congress.

On January 30-31, 2012 over 100 county sheriffs and peace officers, from over 30 states, united to uphold their oaths of office, protect citizen liberty, and stop state and federal tyranny. Inspired and led by the example of former Graham County Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack, the meeting, which was held in Las Vegas, was funded by the generous donations of thousands of Americans from all fifty states, as well as the support of freedom loving sponsors. 

The agenda included training on the Bill of Rights, Interposition, Nullification and the importance of Property Rights versus Privileges.  Many sheriffs, a police chief and even a county commissioner shared their experiences, challenges and actions taken to uphold their oaths of office, directly with the sheriffs in attendance.

The videos of these presentations are shared here on the County Sheriff Project YouTube channel. We hope that you will share these videos with your own county sheriff and all the oath takers in your county.  To read the meeting agenda, see the event sponsors, learn more and show your own support for helping back more constitutional county sheriffs, visit: 


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