Sunday, March 18, 2012

West Virginia Senators Deny Parents Due Process- Parents Ignored, Placated, and Insulted by West Virginia’s Legislature

We the Parents will continue lobbying for SB50. Watch this site for information regarding our next rally.


Parents Ignored, Placated, and Insulted by West Virginia’s Legislature

Senator Ron Stollings, a medical doctor in the West Virginia Legislature, made several statements in a February 22, 2012 WOWKTV interview. He is quoted as saying, “states with vaccine exemptions have higher rates of diseases like measles, mumps and diphtheria.” He adds “kids who are not vaccinated could put kids at risk who are.” Both blanket statements are simply untrue and perpetuate unrealistic fears. Senator Stollings goes on to say, that he “is working on a study resolution that he and other senators plan to introduce in the Education Committee. The study would last a year and show both sides of the vaccination issue in hopes of ending the issue in the state.” Parents across the state were pleased with the reasonable efforts the Senate appeared to be taking, and were assured that the issue would be given attention throughout the year during Senate Interim Committee meetings. 

Although the need for non-medical exemptions regarding childhood immunization, as 48 other states provide, was brought to the legislative forefront in the in the form of Senate Bill 50 on the first day of the 2012 Legislative Session, many ranking Senate members drug out the legislative process in order to not deal with citizens’ demands. Senator Plymale, chair of the Senate Education Committee, where the bill began, refused to answer the emails, phone calls, or faxes from over 100 parents asking for help in ending mandated healthcare for our children. 
Only after over 200 parents rallied on the Capitol steps on February 22, 2012, demanding their voice be heard and demanding their Constitutional rights, did Senator Stollings promise a “study” in a quote to WOWKTV. However, Senator Stollings also ignored phone calls, emails, and faxes from parents for nearly two months. And in the end, all of the stall tactics worked. Although the Senate did vote for the issue to be studied during the interim sessions, the House received the “study resolution” late in the day of the last day of the 2012 Legislative Session and were not given an opportunity to vote on the measure. 

If Senator Stollings’ goal is to end the issue (of forced immunization) in the state, as he was quoted, he will not be pleased with the backlash which is brewing. Parents suffering as a result of current unconstitutional, antiquated law who were ignored, placated, and treated with complete disrespect are rallying vigorously and planning a larger grassroots movement in the coming months.

The grassroots movement, We the Parents, has enjoyed favorable press, especially on a national level, and will continue to get the word out on all levels. In addition, expect billboards, radio interviews, rallies, documentary viewings, and major media saturation on local levels specific to West Virginia counties. The movement includes parents, professionals, churches, veterans, and is growing by leaps and bounds, and they are committed to the goal of ensuring that Mountaineers are indeed always free. 

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Blessed Be Off the Grid said...

Thank you for picking up our story! We are working so hard to reclaim our freedoms as parents, and on a bigger scale to leave our children a better place. It was so nice hear that Sweden cares about parents over in West Virginis:) You made my day!

Bridgett said...

As a member of We the Parents, I'd like to personally thank you for sharing our story, literally, with the world. We're very appreciative. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!


Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Bridgett and Lori:

I cannot speak for Sweden, but only for myself in saying, I wish We The Parents the very best and every success in the future struggle to protect and defend your childrens right to a healthy future.

Lovely week to all in West Virginia,

ps: Here's some folks in the Northwest on your side.

and in Vermont:

Anonymous said...

It is encouraging to see that more and more are waking up to the evils of vaccination. My next article for next Friday will be highlighting this with that recent exposure in Britain that recently came to the fore of the hush hush cover-up policy by the medical establishment.