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Global Food Revolution Day on 19 May 2012

 The Food Revolution Is Going Global - We Need Your Help!

Story by The Food Revolution Day Team, March 20, 2012

On May 19th we’ll be holding the first ever Food Revolution Day, Jamie’s first day of action and inaugural global food festival to mark our commitment to food education for a better life.

We’re hoping that no matter how big or small, events will be taking place in cities all over the world and to help make this happen we’re on the lookout for people to take leadership in their city and join our growing global team as a Food Revolution Day Ambassador.

What Is The Role Of A Food Revolution Day Ambassador?

The role of an Ambassador is to be the local point of contact for Food Revolution Day events by reaching out to schools, businesses and farmers markets to make sure they know all the ways they can get involved. Ambassadors are the spark of enthusiasm that can turn this into a local movement by connecting the dots of support.

Food Revolution Day aims to give those who have been working tirelessly a platform to share their knowledge with the local community and open up opportunities for even more people to learn about real food through participation. Whether that is a local chef offering a cooking class, gardeners teaching their neighbours how to make a vegetable garden in their own backyard or food educators getting creative and offering local experiences like 'shopping healthy on a budget', Food Revolution Day provides an opportunity for us to unite and have all of these events happen on one day.

As part of the global team, Ambassadors will share regular updates with their community to ensure the campaign is adapting to the needs of volunteers and will also work with local press to answer any questions.

So if you love food and planning events, want to connect with your community and get them involved on May 19 and think you have the leadership to become one of our global Ambassadors, head over to and fill out this application.

See Your City Below?

These are just some of the cities we need ambassadors for, could you be an ambassador or know someone who would be perfect? Apply to be a local ambassador at and bring Food Revolution Day to your community!

Tokyo, New York City, Seoul, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Chicago, Mumbai, Houston, Jakarta, Philadelphia, Sao Paulo, Phoenix, Shanghai, Beirut, Nairobi, London, Dallas, Syndey, Paris, San Diego, Seattle and Washington D.C.!

How Else Can I Get Involved?

When the website launches in early April, there will be loads of different ways you will be able to get involved and participate in Food Revolution Day, so make sure you register your interest by signing up to be the first to hear when we launch and stay tuned!

100% of local events are run by volunteers. 100% of funds raised through Food Revolution Day will go to support food education programs primarily for children through Jamie’s foundation projects in the UK, US and Australia.

Find out more here.

The Food Revolution Day Team


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