Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Results Of An International Poll on Allowing Ones' Child To be Vaccinated With Gardasil

In Sweden all girls in Class 5 and 6 were given the option to be vaccinated within Swedish Schools, so I decided to take a poll to see what parents thought about this or if they were willing to have there own children vaccinated with Gardasil.  The voting was for one week and ended today and here are the results.  Now, this is an International Polling since my readers are in 142 nations.   I was curious to see the results and now I am sharing  the results with you.

The total sample was 51 people.  If this is indication of what Swedish parents decided then a lot of girls stayed home from school the day of the vaccination.  There is no way to really know the truth since the Media is State controlled and there was alot of misinformation given out at the schools.  I heard more than one story of school nurses telling students and parents that this vaccine was totally safe and there are no side effects.  Where they got there information I don't really know.  It is the County Governments that are responsible for diciding such matters and getting out the information to schools and parents.  They get their information from the Swedish FDA. 

I do hope that the girls have good immune systems and that there are few side effects or deaths after the shots.  If there are, I do hope that this information will  come out into the open and this will only happen if the parents speak up and demand their stories told.  As in North America, Sweden is now a Neoliberal Land controlled by Mega Corporations and Risk Capitalists.  The Politicians and Media are more servants of them than of the people.  Profits come before the health and welfare of the citizens.

And for critics of this poll.  It may be far more accurate than paid for polls or PR Polls by the Government in which figures are sometimes, at least in my opinion, magically pulled from a hat and samples can be controlled by calling certain selected populations.  Official Statistics rarely if ever match reality.  They are often given their own authority due to their source.  For a journalist to show civil courage and go against the party line is career suicide since most journalists work hourly or are freelancers today.  A good way to control information.  The work only goes to those who betray themselves and their Land out of fear of reprisal.  Mainstream Media in a nutshell.

Now here are the results:

Will You Allow Your Child To Be Vaccinated With Gardasil?

  7 (13%)
  44 (86%)
Haven't decided yet
  0 (0%)
Don't really care
  0 (0%)

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