Thursday, March 15, 2012

Life – A Journey of Discovery - A Guest Post by Michael Brine

We walk together on this part of the journey.
Life – A Journey of Discovery.

“ The theme of the Grail story is the bringing of life into the wasteland ---- The wasteland is people out of authenticity living someone else’s life path ----- Upon entering the forest where it is the darkest there is no path ----- Those who can see and enter the Castle of the Grail are those with spiritual readiness.” 

Joseph Campbell.

Extract from a letter I recently wrote to a friend:-

“Once we are consciously aware that life is a “Journey of Discovery” we will be drawn, from time to time in that Journey, to “teachers” or individuals we feel are more aware than we are and from whom we can learn and benefit by connecting with them. So, as I have seen in my life, as I have journeyed I have had the incredible benefit of several teachers who have pushed me on – and who, when I look back, knew when it was time to kick me out of the their nest lest I become too comfortable in it and by giving my power away to them would begin to stagnate. By kicking me out there has been a period of simply ‘travelling’ with the necessary opportunity of living what I had learned from that teacher. In other words putting it to the test by being out of the classroom.

Once learned then in time another would appear or to whom I would be drawn and again the help is given to inspire and motivate me to further the unfolding of this that we search for – only to begin to realize that we have always been ‘there’ and each teacher helped to remove another layer of the blindfolds! These are the True teachers for there is no thought of self-aggrandisement or glorification 

Only a profound love and dedication to the Journey and all that It means.

Those “teachers” who attempt to hang on to students and attempt to draw others into their nest are not those whom I seek – nor I suspect do you.”

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