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Inner Teachers - Interview With An Angel

This entry was taken from the text of a book that I first read in 1997 entitled, Interview With An Angel by Steven J Thayer and Linda Sue Nathanson.  This is one of those books that can be read over and over and with each reading one will have deeper insights into themselves and the world around them.  I plan to have three blog entries from this book over the next week.  This entry I chose because of the interest in mediums and channelers in books and on the Net.  I too have experience in this area and find this an explanation of the phenomenon that is close to my own thinking.  Linda is the one who interviews and records Steven while he is in trance.  The one who speaks through him goes by the name of Ariel.  Now for the first entry:

Inner Teachers

Linda:  What are the advantages and disadvantages of learning through another person's inner teacher?

Ariel:  The question itself points out once again the human minds judgemental operation, which we do not have.  To fragment or partition or label knowledge or aspects of reality into positive and negative, good or bad, advantages or disadvantages is purely human.

The path of growth within this marvelous learning opportunity that you call being human ultimately comes to a single point of  focus.  This focal point is the direct, personal, experiential knowledge of what you call God.  It is not the understanding of what other people have found or what other people have written or even what you have read or heard from sacred text that you call scriptures.  The direct task, the most important task of any soul traveling through the journey of a human experience called life is personally from an area that you refer to as your heart to know God deeply through communion.

Some people will have the great fortune to encounter that communion experience directly.  They will come to know God through what you called an inner teacher or inner guide or even through the communion experience with celestial energies that you might call from your human perspective, a being outside of yourself.  This is indeed one of the most profound ways to refine the depths of the experience of knowing and understanding God.

Different growth steps along the way will allow a person to encounter what you have labeled in your world, a higher self, a higher sense of self, inner wisdom or inner knowing.  There are many different words to describe the phenomenon of experiencing and understanding yourself and the universe in which you live that extends beyond the definition of the separate, distinct thing that you think you are.

In  some cases the experience can extend beyond the higher self to other celestial beings such as guardians, spirits, angels and deities that are perceived by the person as being separate and distinct and coming from outside the person.  And again, appreciate that this inside and outside distinction is unique to the huamn mind or in the reality there is a continuum that you call God which does not have such distinctions.  But that is something you cannot grasp with your mind.  It is in essence, incomprehensible to you.

Finding someone who will awaken your inner knowledge by using his inner knowledge to help and support you in your quest is often a wonderful transitional step.  And while the knowledge does not come from your own direct experience, once heard it can have a deep, deep resonance within you.  It can awaken and kindle the flame of inner spiritual knowledge and although it came through anothers spirituality, openness, or the communion that another being has mastered, the information itself can provide a tremendous opportunity to awaken in you deep soul level knowledge and growth.

However, it is but a temporary stepping stone.  For the true quest on the spiritual path and the spiritual growth within the soul's journey of a lifetime is to find that knowledge directly.  It is the main theme and thesis of each of your religions, although it is often not practiced.  It is easy to get stuck, to become complacent and to be lax at doing what is often very difficult inner spiritual work.

Within the framework of the organizations that you call religions is the invitation to use religion as a support tool as you journey along their prescribed path.  Religion is a path designed to give you first, the intellectual understanding of what you seek and second, deep inner spiritual understanding by direct knowing, by the direct communion experience.

When following the path of religion, souls often become complacent with the intellectual understanding that religion offers and thus do not find for themselves the deep inner communion experience that they seek.  They in essence, stay complacent with the knowledge gained from the deep communion experience of others who have gone before them.

Relying on others inner knowledge which they gain from their higher self or from what you label as spirit or an angel can also become a place to be trapped, to become complacent and to rely solely on the efforts of others and not be spurred on by the knowledge gained and the resonance attained to complete the task of finding the connection and the communion for yourself.  For no matter how good that knowledge gained through the skill and the compassion of anyone who conveys it to you, it always falls short of that which you can attain through inner knowing yourself.

In that same vein, there is a calculated and misunderstood risk that these very words that we are speaking now could become for some a crutch upon which to rest.  But we also know that the words that we speak will awaken many a heart, will inspire many a soul to complete the personal growth that they have embarked upon through the journey of their lives.  There is nothing done from this realm that is extra and there is nothing done that is without full understanding of what will transpire.  So, we take no risk in conveying these words through you.

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A Warning Of The Dangers Of GMO Crops

Dangers of Genetically Modifed Crops: The Destabilization of Agriculture. Health Hazards

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Clan Dyken's Tribute To New Orleans

I like this song and this group:

Just click on the yellow words, Click here to play.


Paul Stamets On 6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save The World

Paul Stamets on 6 ways mushrooms can save the world Video on

This is an interesting lecture that I viewed on I wish to share it with my blog readers. I will also include some other links for more information on Paul Stamets and his work. Perhaps this will be of interest and an eye opener and you may come to the awareness that mushhrooms have other uses than garnishment on your pizza or burger.

Links related to video presentation:

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An Insight - Light Overcoming Fear And The Healing That Can Occur

After watching an investigative report on Swedish TV in which the possible health dangers of Nanotechnogy that are now in everyday products such as shampoo, sun screens, food packaging, drugs, vaccinations, and automobile products such as diesel fuels, wax and tires.  More has been invested in research and development of products and applications than into the possible health dangers of these nano particles entering the body through the skin, water, air, or penetrating the blood brain barrier through drugs and vaccinations.  It turns out that there is almost no funding into the health hazards which makes sense to me since so many governments and companies have invested and are investing so much money into the development of these technologies.

A researcher by the name of Ken Donaldson in Scotland has studied the effects of nano particles in the air and it's not a pretty picture.  These particles are able to penetrate the lungs to the lower levels.  Natural pollutates can only make it as far as the upper lungs. These particles are as little needles that puncture the cells and cause inflamation, death of cells, and the properties that lead to cancer formation.  He said that it is worst in city areas in which there is heavy traffic or as it would be in industrial setting where these particles can be exposed in high quantites to workers.

Pharacetical drugs and vaccinations are a good example of selling us poison under the guise of helping us. Market the lies about the wonders of these products, push them out into the marketplace without adequate testing or research.   Can't admit the health dangers or the many side effects, too many billions would be lost.  Kill and cripple a few million and cover up the results.  Better to crucify people like Dr. Wakefield to make an example of him to tell other physicians and researchers to keep quiet or risk the same concequences. Perhaps truth has no place in the market place.  Perhaps courage has lost it's place in the hearts of those who work in  government, corporate, medical, academic, and reseach institutions.

After this report it set me to thinking how the media can intensify fears in people.  How modern medicine and science teaches us fear and that there are no cures for certain illnesses or medical conditions only the ones that they support and advocate. Now, that is power only if people buy into this. Fear sells a lot of medicine and services and the cure is often worst than to do nothing at all.  Read about Mary Baker Eddy.  What she talked about in the late 1800s and early 1900s still holds true today.  Read my blog entries on the wisdom of Sri Aurobindo also and ponder the words of this illuminated soul.  Read the illuminated words of the great prophets, visionaries, and teachers and you will see a recuring theme of the healing power of  Faith, Love, and the Light of Heaven.

So, I got caught up in or lost in this kind of thinking or what I consider pure brainwashing all in the effort to sell us dangerous products while at the same time convincing us of the great benefits and our need for them.  For a moment I lost my faith and knowledge that all can be healed by the gift of Grace or the Divine Light. I thought of good natural or alternative products that I know of and use that are very effective with the thought that even these will not work against this nano monster.  How will we protect ourselves against this new man made threat?

Now for my insight:

While in the grip of these fears, I had a flash of insight in which all my fear disapeared instantly and I felt my body and emotions washed clean of these doubts and fears and the words popped into my thoughts, "The Light can heal all from the biggest to the smallest."  I saw in my minds eye my body being flooded with this Light and all that didn't belong naturally in the human body that we are told can cause illness and death being dissolved and disappearing.  Then I knew that there was nothing to fear from these man made technologies that we have been told can make the human body ill. Healing with Faith or Light is so simple and easy.  You don't need any knowledge or pre-conditioning interfering or stopping you from what your heart tells you is possible to do.  Telling you that this or that is impossible or that it has gone too far and there is no hope for a recovery or cure.  No threats from the medical maffia or their high preists of prescription drugs.  Perhaps this is why we call someone a Natural when he or she can have the results that are equal to or surpass those of proffesionals and experts.  Perhaps they don't have so much knowledge that tells them what they can or cannot do something or what is possible or impossible. Perhaps if we used only the natural products of this Earth or the natural abilities of our minds there would not be so much sickness and misery in our world.

Ponder what I have shared with you and see if it makes any sense to you.  Each must decide for oneself and listen to and trust in one's own Inner Voice.  If Mankind would have been doing this we would not have even had many of our current wordwide shared problems.  Reason and Love would rule again and the Earth would surely flourish and supply us with all we need as it was meant to be and as it did for countless centuries before we have lost our way as a people.

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It Is Time Now - A Timeless Thought Of Peter Deunov

My friend Maria has sent to me another wise saying of Peter Deunov and for this am I grateful.   She is a Bulgarian and has had direct contact with the students or as she says, disciples of this illuminated teacher so Master Peter Deunov as she affectionately refers to him is dear to her heart.  I sense Peter Deunov as one of this worlds great teachers and healers and can feel his closeness to the Source as I call it.  Some say God, some say Good, and sometimes I call It , the Essense of All That Is.  He was the Real Deal as we say in America.  Below, is Maria's brief correspondence to me and after will come the wise and timeless words of Peter Deunov.

Dear Mike,

I am sending a thought from the Master Peter Deunov. You may use it for your blog entry.


Now, for the wise and timeless quotation:

“It is time now for a Centre of thoughts to be formed and for light to be sent all over the world in the same way as the sun sends its light. The sun is a central through which its light and heat are transferred to the Earth.  In the same way, the thoughts of people are a centre for transferring and transporting another kind of Light to the Earth. When that energy goes into the brains of people, a special kind of light begins to radiate from them, which can be used for work.  If the spiritual people acquire strong thoughts, the Kingdom of God will come to the Earth.” 

The Master Peter Deunov

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Naomi Wolf's Blog Article On The Julian Assange Rape Case From Sweden

I am sharing this blog entry by Naomi Wolf in which she sites 8 big problems with the case against Julian Assange.  She bases her opinion based on 23 years of experience in the area of global rape law.  I will just give some of the orginal text and than include the link to the orginal article from Underground News for all who may be interested.  So, here goes:

Exclusive to News from Underground

by Naomi Wolf
News From Underground
Feb. 11, 2011

Now that Andrew Kreig, of the Justice Integrity Project, has confirmed Karl Rove’s role as an advisor to the Swedish government in its prosecution of Julian Assange on sexual misconduct charges, it is important that we note the many glaring aberrations in the handling of Assange’s case by the authorities in Sweden.

Dr. Brian Palmer, a social anthropologist at Uppsala University, explained on Kreig’s radio show last month that Karl Rove has been working directly as an advisor to the governing Moderate Party. Kreig also reported, in Connecticut Watchdog, that the Assange accusers’ lawyer is a partner in the law firm Borgström and Bodström, whose other name partner, Thomas Bodström, is a former Swedish Minister of Justice. In that office, Bodström helped approve a 2001 CIA rendition request to Sweden, to allow the CIA to fly two asylum-seekers from Sweden to Egypt, where they were tortured. This background compels us to review the case against Assange with extreme care.

Based on my 23 years of reporting on global rape law, and my five years of supporting women at rape crisis centers and battered women’s shelters, I can say with certainty that this case is not being treated as a normal rape or sexual assault case. New details from the Swedish police make this quite clear. Their transcript of the complaints against Assange is strikingly unlike the dozens of such transcripts that I have read throughout the years as an advocate for victims of sex crimes.

Specifically, there are eight ways in which this transcript is unusual:

For the rest of the story, please visit:

Something Rotten in the State of Sweden: 8 Big Problems with the “Case” Against Assange by Naomi Wolf

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The Wisdom of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Omraam Mikheal Aivanhov

Master Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov was a Master in the tradition of what is termed the Great White Brotherhood. His teaching is largely rooted in the Christian path but especially from an esoteric aspect - the inner teachings of Jesus the Christed One.  He was a student of the great visionary, Master Peter Deunov of Bulgaria.  Following are some wise sayings of his as an introduction to this great visionary and teacher:

Please direct yourself to this link for the many wise sayings of O.M. Aivanhov:

For some background information on O.M. Aivanhov click on this link:

For those interested, here are some daily meditations:

My 2nd Guest Post by Michael Brine

This is a recent blog post that my friend Michael wrote for a blog called, Notes Along The Path.  I am copying it with his permisson. I will copy his essay in it's entirety with a link to the orginal for all those interested in taking a peek at the Notes Along The Path Blog.  I believe that this is one of Michael's best if not his very best essay.  I find much truth in his words and his vision of the future is close to my own athough I have offered my vision in a differnet way with different words.  Now, here is the text:

An Inconvenient Truth, A Guest Post by Michael Brine

By Michael Brine

The Mayans, through their Mayan Calendar, along with other Indigenous races such as the Hopi Indians, are indicating that now is the timeframe in which we are transitioning from the end of this past Patriarchal Age, towards the coming new age we are moving into. In the process, the old male-dominated rulers, religions, financial systems, etc., have outlived their time and are collapsing. To quote the Hopis, “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

It is my opinion that if the Mayan Calendar in its essence is correct — and I believe it is — then it is also no surprise that the population on the planet has maxed out concurrently with this “cleansing” period we are witnessing. There are too many people on this planet to feed and nourish everyone properly. Hence, with the added chaotic weather anomalies we are seeing, food is becoming scarcer as crops fail. In the U.S. prices are rising, as they certainly are here in Canada, and also in Europe. It is part of the upheavals triggered by the cyclic time period we are moving through. Once again as I’ve said so often, you cannot build a new building on a rotten foundation! The corrupt and decaying elements we have allowed ourselves to be controlled by will not be part of this ‘new world.’

The situation that existed in Atlantis as it’s demise was approaching was that those who were Aware were given the insight to leave before the ‘Storm’ hit. Some went to North Africa or what we now know as North Africa, and some to South America. Hence the similarity to the Pyramids and the Mayan Temples. Atlantis had become corrupted in a similar way as our world has to-day. Now to be honest I am not sure if this coincided with a cyclic event or not which is the case to-day but if we are to believe Anastasia there was certainly a major event relating to an Age change. All I can add is that for whatever reason my Buddhist monk knew something was coming as did Major Wellesley Tudor Pole who I had met around 1961 in Glastonbury, England. The vision I have always had is that after this ‘Storm’ has passed those who are left will re-start civilisation with the awareness to not repeat the errors of the past but to live and create a world of Communities working together. More than this I cannot say.

All life in our Universe is subject to cycles — the tides of the ocean — the seasons — life spans — the movement of the stars — night and day, and so on. The population maximising concurrently with this transition is part of our planet’s continuing cycle. I believe in this 2011 year, starting in mid-March and in the following months, we are going to witness major disruptions and upheavals right across the world beyond anything we have ever witnessed before. Sadly, I sense many will die, which is why I have advised people who ask me: Move away from large centres of population as there will be much turmoil. I believe that is why my visionary Buddhist Monk — Namjyal Rinpoche — inspired me to move up here to Canada’s north those many years ago–all part of this “cleansing” I refer to. Knowledge is empowering — what we do with that knowledge if it rings a bell within us, is to use our intuition as to how we should proceed — but NEVER out of fear!

In the world that emerges from all this chaos, we will have learned that we need to work in harmony with each other. No lines on a map separating us — but working as communities — no rulers or religions that have so separated us and controlled us, using fear as the poison that has trapped us in our stifling and smothering ‘boxes.’ We can stand tall in the Light, knowing that we are all equally loved and equally lovable, the lion and the lamb lying together in a world we can only dream of at the moment.

I have also removed myself from our conditioned thinking along the lines that, “No God would allow this to happen to His people,” etc. That’s not the way the Universe works — it is governed by the natural world, call it Gaia, but this human concept of some god in a supreme position of power to whom we can ask for mercy, et al., is a myth. Cycles are a part of the existing world we share with other life forms; we are not favourites of some god to be pampered.

On the other hand, if we start to pay attention to our right brain, which is beyond the mind and words, where lives the intuitive, compassionate elements that reside within us all, there is an amazing energy we can sense and tap into which we, with our limited vocabulary, call Love. This is the real me that I listen to and which inspires me. A couple of years ago I was asked to write an article for a magazine on “Silence.” I tried for two days to get something to write on the subject. Nothing came so I gave up on the third day and was sitting at my dining table having a morning cuppa; my mind was silent and these words flowed to me: “Silence is a state of mind. When the mind is still, silence fills the void and a feeling of oneness with all life enfolds you. It is called Love.” This is what I submitted and they printed it on the back cover!

A few last words on the concept of ‘god.’ For reasons readers may understand, there are too many concepts that come up when this ‘god’ word is used. This is not to say I do not feel there is a powerful creative force that exists; rather, I hate the word ‘god’ because of its associations with manmade religions.

For me, if this creative energy, our Source, is to be truly understood, we have to move into the right brain, the, intuitive, wordless, loving, feeling part of ourselves. From the right brain, we begin to feel a sense of the magnificence of this loving creative force of which we are all a part, as much as It is a part of us. We are indeed all One, seeds in a beautiful creation that is limitless in its enfolding. This is how I can best express the god concept — no words can do It justice.

Here's the link to the orginal blog entry:

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My View On Why Julian Assange Will Never Get A Fair Court Trial In Sweden

I have been pondering on the fate of Mr. Julian Assange the last few days and thought I would share my opinions based on my experiences dealing with Swedish Agencies and with the Swedish Judicial System.  I will also mention what I will term hearsay from reliable sources.  Oh yes, since I am in Sweden I will withhold names to protect the guilty.  As in Julian's case it is oftener than not than the innocent are treated in an inhumane and unjust manner due to phobias and politics.

First, I will mention my own experience with a Swedish Court.  After years of straightening out the mistakes of the State run Unemployment Insurance Authority, I had had enough.  It was almost a weekly activity to contact them to straigthen out errors in figures,dates, late payments, and wrongful information.  Because of their carelessness and incompetence, I had not received almost a week in unemployment benefits.  I decided to take them to court, so asked the State Agency that oversees this system where to file a claim and was told to contact a certain court.  Before I was able to take action, I got a letter from the court saying my case has been brought up.  I thought this strange, since I never contacted them.  I did and was told the Unemployment Insurance Agency sent my case to court for me.  I asked if this is normal legal procedure that a defendent can file for the plaintiff.  I said there is something very wrong here. The judge I talked to said that I was right, but this is how they usually proceed.  She said that I could file on my own, but it was better to continue as was.  I agreed  agains't my better judgement as I  smelled a rat....a big rat.

Anyhow, after 8 or 9 months, I received a judgement saying that a State Agency is not responsible for giving out false or wrong information and that all responsiblity falls on my shoulders.  That's a good one.  How can I be responsible when I do not have access to the information in their computer system?  Besides this, they sent my case to the wrong court, it should have been brought up in another Swedish Court.  Later, I found out that this is a common practice and has happened to many.  Also, if I appeal the case and lose I am responsible for all court costs.  As I said to my wife, "you Swedes must be stupid to believe that when the State regulates the State there will be any justice."  It's a fixed system.  I would call it corrupt, but what do I know not being a legal expert.

Now, from the hearsay department.  Someone I know was in a case in which an employee of the highest court was defending his brother on taxpayers time and money.  I heard he was threatening lawyers and witnessess.  It was alleged that the brother had done physical voilence to a child and the police and DA beleived they had a strong case and took it to court.  This family is politically connected and also wealthy.  The brother lawyer sounds like a little Hitler and not a very competent lawyer either from the Court records I read or from the stories I heard of Court proceedings.  His boss was contacted along with the Justice Minister and they knew of this practice that State employees could work in such cases and they saw nothing wrong with this practice.  Ever hear of Conflict of Interest?  I guess this concept doesn't apply in Swedish Society.

My next point is that all jury members in Sweden are either members of Political Parties or appointed by Political Party members.  Need I say more.  Are the foxes judging the foxes?  Under this system, I would not wish to be a chicken.  Who in their right mind would for a minute believe than Politicians would be fair and inpartial.  By their very natures they are corruptable.

Now, for my last point.  There was a case in the Swedish Court in which a 17 year old boy raped a 12 year old girl.  The girl agreed to sex, but he decided to have anal sex which she objected to.  The boy decided he would not take no for an answer.  The Court decided that the 12 year old girl did not put up enough resistence so the boy was acquited.  There's a fair contest.  A 16 year old boy against a 12 year old girl.
Mr. Assange only broke his condom and this woman who brought charges against him, only slept with him another 3 more days after the alleged rape and by the way, is a member of the Social Democractic Party in Sweden.  I wonder how many members of the jury will be Social Democrat friends?  I will not insult your intelligence and say more.

Oh, I forgot to mention that Sweden has the most reported rapes in Europe (which is proably the tip of the iceberg) and the second highest amount of rapes in the world.  I have talked to more than one young female who has been raped or had friends raped who said that they would never go to the police if they were raped, because they don't take them seriously.  Often, they are met with comments like.  "Look how you dress or did you encourge him".  It's a man's world in this Land.  Don't believe this feminist BS from Sweden.  Woman here are treated like second class citizens and the one's that are brought to our attention as leaders are mostly in the Political Realm or politically connected or from the wealthy inbred gang.

Now, that is my view.  Believe it or not.  This little essay is just the result of my thoughts concerning this Kangaroo Court (An Aussie should understand this term), Hanging Court, Railroading of an Innocent Man to protect a Political Agenda that sees to it's own rather than to the needs of it's citizens.  Their need for justice and transparency of information.

Are You One Of The Rainbow Warriors?

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CHEMTRAILS 2010 - Information and Health Hazards For All Of Us.

What are Chemtrails?

Here is a video of chemtrails over the Phoenix, Arizona along with possible health risks associated with this activity. I have seen these trails in the USA and also here in Sweden. A few weeks ago I witnessed a trail over the area that I live and work in and not long after became very ill with symptoms mentioned in this video. I cannot say for sure whether I had a flu or virus or bacterial infection, but I thought that it was strange that I became ill about the time of seeing a chemtrail in my area.

I am also including a link that I found from an information site explaining Chemtrails:

Into The Light. Rekindling A Dying Flame by Jason Charlie

This is an article written by Jason Charlie who is a member of the People Of The River Clan in the far north of Canada in the Yukon Territory.  I have copied it from Michael Brine's, Beyond The Box Essays.  I have permission from Michael to copy any of his writings to share on my blog.  I have had contact with Jason via the internet and have found him to be a very pleasant and respectful young man and apparently one with a gift for expressing himself in the written word.

"Happy New Year", as we move into another new year - 2010. What follows first are not my words but the words of a First Nations student at Yukon Collage - Jason Charlie - on an issue I feel strongly about.  It concerns the sad and shameful residential school issue that he wrote for his English teacher but also choose to share with me. He has given me permission to use it here. Here it is:

''Into the Light. Rekindling a Dying Flame'

When I see this young boy chipping away at this huge rock, I ask, "What are you doing?" Every time he hits the rock, a tiny particle of light beams out chasing away the darkness. A light full of love and warmth, so pure and innocent and blessed by Creator. "The stone spoke to me", he says. "What does it say?", I ask. He replies, "It tells me to be patient and that someday we will meet." Because that is the real me in the stone, I am that boy starting on my healing path - simply chipping away all that is negative.

Awhile back, I was doing research on the residential school and the impact it had on my mother. The school's intent, by brainwashing, was to kill the "Indian Spirit". I did not understand what that meant. My mother did not talk about the school, so all I heard was other people's stories about their identity theft. The children were lost and alienated. Now I knew why, at times, I would find my mother alone, crying. They were made to feel ashamed of who they are as a distinct people. I came to understand how the negative conditioning of her mind affected how she lived; therefore, it opened my eyes to the way my life should be lived.

When I was writing, I was also looking at my own reflection. I did not know who I was as a human being. So, I was excited about coming to this point of origin. I asked myself, "What is an Indian?" "What do they do?" and "Why am I here?" These questions gave me a new direction to explore. A lot of memories, came flooding back - memories of listening to wise Elders, former teachers, and people who stuck by me. People who try to help by giving sound advice. They often spoke about respect and getting along. Because I was an angry person - full of resentment, I usually shrugged their guidance off. Their wise words took me sometime to absorb and sort out. It came to me that being Native is bigger than anyone person. The culture was their way of life. The values, beliefs, ceremonies, and language are what made them a unique people. The Indian way of living made me take a good look at my life.

When I read and listened to how people lived in that era, I felt pride. Finally, I had a sense of where my blood came from, and I was from a part of something good. I did not speak my language or know any ceremonies. What I did know was the way they maneuvered as a unit and took care of each other. I saw their values and strong communal bond woven into daily life. Their relationship to the land taught them respect and moderation. This gave me a choice of making my life heaven or hell. I decided that I wanted my soul to breath, to shine. It is what Creator wants, so I looked at ways of integrating those values [sharing, kindness, generosity, and respect] into my life. Inside, I had to quit running and deal with my emotions, so I could have a chance at inner-peace.

When I listened to Elders, they always told me pray and ask for help. Narrow minded as I was, and thinking the world revolved around me, I shrugged it off, asking, "Why?." I did not care or believe in anything. So, I looked at my people's ceremony and belief system and why they were taken away. In their daily routine, the people gave thanks and showed gratitude through ceremony. They prayed for divine guidance to live a balanced life. The ceremonies empowered them in who they are as a people - keeping them connected to all that is alive. They helped by listening or kind words, because they knew that all life is an integral part of creation. Now I know the power of prayer. When I awake, I give thanks for another beautiful day. I am grateful to the people who helped get me here, and for seeing that light.

When I came into this world, I was a flaming ball of light. Then, as I got older, I picked up other people's negative attitude. That way of life slowly smothered my fiery flame. Young and native as I was, I did not know I was chosen for this life. My spirit meant no harm. All things happen for a reason. I have to ascertain the reason, and continue on my healing journey. I am okay, because one day I will meet the man in the stone. To rekindle my dying flame, I have to keep chipping away those things that are not innate and do not belong to me."

Here is the link to the orginal essay in it's entirety from Micheal Brine's, Beyond the Box site:

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Andrew Gavin Marshall's View On WikiLeaks

I read this article by Andrew Gavin Marshall and found it quite informative aand a good source of information on Wikileaks and what he thinks it means to many and our changing world views.  I will just site part of the article and give the link to those interested in reading it in it's entirety.
Wikileaks and the Worldwide Information War
Power, Propaganda, and the Global Political Awakening

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

60 Minutes Interviews - Julian Assange 1/4

A Letter From Alex Kochkin - Part 3

Letter to “A-List” Readers


“The spiritual light grows even as the darkness seems so present in this
physical realm. It is only from this light that new creation is shaped and so is
our existence as spiritual beings.”

Dear Readers,

The January A-List
sooner than later. I need to take the time now to address certain matters in this
letter so that when human events dramatically escalate you will be better
prepared. For myself, I continue to observe recent events and their apparent
trajectories while remaining focused on the spiritual transformational processes.

As one of the early adopters who helped define the concepts of “
and “
applied. So the recent increase in usage of this term in political or spiritual
contexts is something I notice.

The madness and insanity grows in the outer world. For some it is anger and
upset, for others it is a matter of withdrawing not knowing what is next, and for
some it is the delusion of cheering on protests and polarities, imagining such
actions lead to the end of the powers-that-be. Some wonder if eventually, this
leads to humans “awakening” and so may then rationalize the persistence of more
suffering and struggle in this realm.

Amongst those who like to imagine themselves as informed via the “alternative
media”, without adequate discernment filters and basic knowledge, such
Update will not be out until some time in February –hopefullyglobal awakeningglobal spiritual awakening”, I have a keen interest in how this expression is
Global Awakening News - January 30, 2011 – Letter to “A-List” Readers – v 1.1
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“alternatives” are rife with fear mongering, lies, and hyperbole that promotes near
hysteria amongst people. Caveat emptor.

It is possible to compare the spiritual processes that are at work to what appears to
be occurring in the external human world. We do not need to identify one way or
another with these events and do not need to connect our energies to these events
one way or another, beyond what is needed to observe the process.

The spiritual awakening process (ascension and transformation) is operating on its
own “track” and is
of 3-d. This is a very important point since there are too many today who for
whatever their beliefs, presume (incorrectly) that the more the old is destroyed,
the more the spiritual will triumph. This is a false and dangerous perspective to
hold, even if it is only to wish a merciful end to suffering. Please stop. Attend to
your own spiritual awakening. That is an enormous act of service in itself. When
you are ready, you will know. Then you will be ready to know more of what is

The body of this article is focused on the events that are presently unfolding in the
human world. It may be increasingly insanely surreal, but it is the reality matrix
for the 3-d range of expression involving human form and human consciousness.
It is what it is and you do not need to become a part of it, better to be
yourself and asking for the correction energies to process the dark out of your

not interdependent with the events that transpire in the worldapart fromin every way that you can. This is directly analogous to calling your true Light to
Recent Events

Concerning recent social-political events, most people do not understand that very
little of anything of
without the involvement and support of the powers-that-be. Yet through various
levels of self-reinforcing ignorance, many people still imagine there are “left wing”
and “right wing” social-political differences and that these illusions still hold import
or value. Of course, many more have not a clue about any of this.

Why occupy a country when you can quietly pay for an internal “revolution”? Even
if things get “out of hand” in a given country, there are back-up plans to
implement by the powers-that-be. These days, events will move more swiftly. The
powers-that-be with their encompassing multi-generational perspective know they
have very little time left in which to run their gambits. (The USA, by the way,
qualifies as an occupied country, only not in the same manner as with Iraq or
Afghanistan, etc.)

any consequence at the national or international level is done
“Global political awakening”
Brzezinski’s remarks from 2008 in which he cautions against an excessively
“diversified global leadership” and the risks to established power from “politically
in recent parlance originates from Zbigniew
Global Awakening News - January 30, 2011 – Letter to “A-List” Readers – v 1.1
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awakened masses”. (See Appendix to this article.) It was around 2008-2009 that
contingency plans were made to re-structure certain countries (including Egypt
and the USA) without the need for direct military invasion. It was anticipated that
the established processes and personages of control would be increasingly unable
to rule over their respective populations.

His reference to “diversified” leadership equates to a criticism of those minions
and aspiring leaders who would place their petty power interests over those of the
main agendas of the power-that-be. His message to those who listen to his words
is to direct them to pull themselves together into a more united front or face a
world that could destabilize the higher-level agendas (of the powers-that-be).
His reference to the risks of global political “awakening” of the masses requires
more careful consideration. Brzezinski warned that never before in history have so
many of the masses been as politically “awakened” as now. But what does
“awakened” mean in this context? Simply stated, I would construe this to mean
that the powers-that-be are losing capacity to keep tricking people into believing in
the old shell games of political parties, ideologies, and various national interests.
People are simply more cynical that ever about the machinations of those aspiring
or wielding political or economic power. So the old game is wearing thin and there
are not many more tricks to be pulled out of the “old hat”. Thus, “awakened” in
this context does
truly wise enough to create a new way of being with one another.

There was another noteworthy reference by Brzezinski in his remarks: that it used
to be easier to control one million people than to kill them, and now it is easier to
kill one million people than to control them.

The implications from this are two-fold: one is that more extreme measures will be
used to keep the masses cowed, the other is that it is time to move ahead with the
main agenda in a more expedient manner.

Broadly speaking and in general terms, the human powers-that-be are at a point
now that they have very little need for 7 billion humans and could do very nicely
for themselves with only one billion –or perhaps fewer.

As a point of reference, roughly 10% of the mid-century world population died due
to wars since around 1900. Roughly 10% of the USA population “disappeared”
during the great depression decade. Also as a point of reference, during the
1300’s, roughly 25% of the world’s population died from the “black death” –in
some areas of China and Europe this may have been closer to one third to half the
population. Now consider the fallacy that when “things get bad enough”, people
will make the right changes.

As to the non-human dark forces, they need to rely on a global version of a
comprador class, just as the human elite rely on national and local level
not mean that humans have become more knowledgeable or
Global Awakening News - January 30, 2011 – Letter to “A-List” Readers – v 1.1
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compradors. So if the human global elite can no longer govern 7 billion globally,
even with the aid of sophisticated control systems, then this opens up new
problems and possibilities. One of which leads to massive de-population, another
leads to an acceleration of alien-human hybrids and otherwise “enhanced”
humans to replace the extant human population. These are not mutually exclusive.

Crisis and Change

It is necessary here to emphasize that the global economic crisis is still largely
under the control and influence of the powers-that-be and thus it must be viewed
as an
The changes going on in various countries around the world range from direct
military destruction to the mass social manipulations. Iraq was deliberately
destroyed so that its “reconstruction” would serve the needs of the global powersthat-
be. Today, Iraqi’s still do not have reliable water and power. Military
expeditions are costly and time consuming. Sometimes it less costly and time
consuming to foment mass chaos such as in Egypt, etc. to effectively rearrange
things in a way more favorable to the next stage of global rule. Since the military
and economic process did not need to be destroyed at this time, steps were taken
to preserve these.

Another simple example pertains to the growing “food crisis” that will be blamed
upon crop failures from various environmental problems around the planet.
However, food prices and distribution are under the control of the powers-that-be
and so that is the source of the food crisis.

They also know this is “the end” in terms of ability to rule over people in the old
ways and find it less necessary to keep control over some of their secrets and to
move ahead with their larger plans of implementing a new stage of global control.
Thus the global crises that have only begun to manifest in so many visible ways
are partly due to the inability of the powers-that-be to rule in the old ways. The
term “old ways” simply refers to whatever has worked in the past.

Sacrifice a few lackeys for the masses’ distraction, make a fuss over little side
projects such as WikiLeaks. Let some potential troublemakers who like to believe
they are “informed” think that there is still a chance for “change” and further
neutralize what little remains of a social base for organized opposition.
When that doesn’t work, there are usually some “plug ‘n play” political figures.
From time to time the powers-that-be collect potentially useful people for future
use. This applies to possible future US presidents, prime ministers, populist instant
leaders, etc. Whether it is to “park” them with an appointment at a university, a
large company, a “think tank”, or a book advance with ghost writer, there are
many ways to that these people are “kept”, ready to be put into play when
engineered take down and rearrangement of the global pieces. To a lesserthe system is disintegrating from its own internal dysfunction.
Global Awakening News - January 30, 2011 – Letter to “A-List” Readers – v 1.1
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necessary. So Tunisia has a new plug ‘n play leader. Egypt has one who has been
announced but not installed. This process extends to entire countries of course.
Russia as ally, Russia is an enemy, Russia as ally, Russia as enemy, etc. Taliban as
ally, Taliban as enemy, Taliban as ally, etc. Even Fidel Castro has shown himself to
have been “rehabilitated” as “elder statesman”. There are usually at least a few
spare politicians sitting on the shelf. Like storing food and water for an emergency.
Dust them off, train them up, spiff up their “tunes”, put ‘em on a plane, and plug
‘n play.

The anger and frustration expressed through the street demonstrations, etc. may
be genuine enough in many cases (not all). But it is essential to understand that
anticipation of the need for “regime change” is something that the powers-that-be
are very familiar with and this can take many forms, including manipulating
genuine mass sentiments to create a false rebellion. This leads to the installation of
interim political appointees and “coalition” governments. Thus mass sentiment
can be quieted while some new faces shuffle words and papers and then the
political and financial manipulations can take place. Sometimes the nationalistic
sentiments are so strong that behind the scenes control can take much longer than
desired. Since we are now in a period in which “time is of the essence”, we can
anticipate more extreme measures to be implements if events do not flow in the
ways desired by the powers-that-be.

As to the potential of the Internet and instant communications in mobilizing
people for social change, I would say that it is not really what many might like to
believe. While it is possible to text instant messages to hundreds of thousands of
people, there is little content, very little meaning, and virtually no thoughtfully
considered substance. There are inherent limitations to instant electronic media.
But more importantly there is the cultivated extreme lack of real comprehension
and extreme lack of capacity to discern truth from falsehood. This is so obvious
with so many people hysterically quoting all manner of nonsense from the
Internet, like chickens running around without their heads. The result is sociallyenforced
stupidity based upon a complex recipe of attention deficit, paucity of
knowledge, inability to ask the critical questions, and a emotional state of being
“on edge” that further reinforces this mental incapacity.
Such weaknesses are readily exploited by the powers-that-be far more effectively
than what presumably well-intentioned people can counter with. The recent
Internet/telecommunication shutdown in Egypt and the earlier one in Burma, is an
effective tactic when electronic media cannot be used effectively to manipulate
people on behalf of the powers-that-be.

As to the recent semi-orchestrated “regime change” mass demonstrations, if
something unexpected occurs and the powers-that-be lose control of these
situations, they always have backup measures to implement that usually involve
military actions or greater extremes of widespread death.
Global Awakening News - January 30, 2011 – Letter to “A-List” Readers – v 1.1
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So, think twice if you are trying to understand what is up in Tunisia, Yemen,
Somalia, Sudan, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, etc. A “Jasmine Revolution”?! (I guess calling
it another “color revolution” would be a dead giveaway.) Look at a map. Look at
the general patterns. Look at recent decades’ history. Look at the last century or so
of Mesopotamia and surrounding region. And all those professionally prepared
placards and banners in the news photos.

The global elite, operating through various USA-Zionist oriented interests, support
funding and political operatives to run the Palestinian officialdom. These same
officials are the ones who are allegedly “negotiating” with the Israelis and the
USA. The Israeli’s receive their funding and military support mostly from the USA,
as it has always been. None of this truly has anything to do with religions, race,
nationalism, or even the various concocted end-time prophetic beliefs.
Palestinian “leaders” paid up by Israeli and USA-backed interests? Iranian
officialdom not as it advertises itself to the world? Allegations that a new Lebanese
government is “under Iranian influence” …and yet USA, Israeli, Egyptian, etc.
officialdom step back as if there is really is no problem? Perhaps Iran will become
a new surrogate comprador power to replace the increasing erratic and conflicted
Israel-based Zionists. Or perhaps the Iranian faction will be amalgamated into a
unified block within the larger control sphere of the global powers-that-be. If so,
then it could be presented as a great “peace move”, and readily sold to the
masses. Some might even believe it to be the victory of the light, monotheism, etc.
Yet in reality it would represent one of the last steps in total control over all
humans by the powers-that-be.

All minions to the powers-that-be have a limited useful life, no matter who they
are. The powers-that-be have
religion. There really are no major international level differences, only factional
competition among the certain levels of the powers-that-be and their upper level
henchmen. Sometimes they get a little carried away with their own games.
Sometime they play it up to confuse the masses and their minions.

Now consider if an “accord” is reached between Iran and Israel. Some may believe
it to be a great peace, god’s will, or whatever nonsense comes into their heads.
Consider rather, that there are Iranian leaders who are making their application to
the global powers-that-be that they can do a better job than the Israeli’s as a
regional power. Consider the extent to which the Iranians want a seat at the “head
table” of the global powers-that-be. This is one of the hidden factors in forestalling
the bombing of Iran. There are both Israeli and Iranian “crazies” who want to run
the whole show and prove themselves worthy minions of the global elite.
Regardless of the foregoing, the possibility of major nuclear weapons being used in
the North Africa/Mesopotamia region remains very high.

One should also wonder what the fuss is really over concerning a
“missile shield” –these include enormously powerful missiles, some with an
no allegiance to any political ideology, nation, orjoint NATORussia
Global Awakening News - January 30, 2011 – Letter to “A-List” Readers – v 1.1
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extended range beyond Europe, so who or what would these really be used for?
What is this on again/off again business really about? A “missile shield” against
what? China? “Rogue nations”? ET/Aliens? When was the issue of a USA-Russia-
China three-way global competition and contention formally resolved? Perhaps
there never really was such a problem, only petty level disputes that became
convenient for propaganda/meme engineering to keep various national
populations “toeing the line”.

While there may be various treaties regarding older-style nuclear weapons, there is
nothing concerning developing “new” nuclear and other advanced weapons.
Remember also that the above nuclear test ban was mutual agreement when the
“Dr. Strangelove” scientists discovered they were causing irreparable damage to
portion so the earth’s planetary and atmospheric systems. Otherwise, there was
little reason for them to cease these activities. Certain not due to any “crisis of

There is the example of Saddam Hussein, a person installed by USA-backed
interests. Consider that the last purpose to which he was positioned was to attack
Kuwait. Can you hear his handlers insisting to him that he will be supported by
additional forces and political considerations? Can you hear Hussein wondering
whether he was about to commit the last act of his official political career …or
perhaps of his lifetime? Was it really Hussein that was supposedly executed? Can
you hear any number of political leaders wondering how to secure their own
positions as executive minions and “water carriers” for the true powers-that-be?
Turning to Egypt again, Hosni Mubarak a creature of the powers-that-be, mostly
maneuvered into power 30 years ago with USA involvement. His governmental
authority is derived from the global elite operating under the aegis of USA-Zionist
interests and reinforced through an integrated foreign and domestic
military/security/diplomatic apparatus within Egypt. Time to release or diffuse
social pressures in a region of economically failing countries. When the time
comes for Mubarak to vacate office, it should be no surprise if he if first welcomed
to live in luxurious “exile” in Israel. No problem.

The global elite always know that their public henchmen cannot stay in power
forever. They also know that sometimes their “loyal” servants become caught up
in their own power that they can turn to bite the hand that has fed them. The
powers-that-be know that it is always a matter of time before social pressures
oblige a timely “regime change” to maintain their hand of control. This is really no
different than changing political parties every other election just to keep the
masses sufficiently hooked and hoodwinked. In the USA, they created various
sideshows (such as Palin) to see how how much mileage they can get out of the
cultivated ignorance and foolishness of the mass populace. Now that she has
mostly served her purpose, they may put her away on a shelf until needed again.
Global Awakening News - January 30, 2011 – Letter to “A-List” Readers – v 1.1
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Consider that the powers-that-be have quietly facilitated the ongoing weakening of
the social and economic fabric of many countries and quietly supported various
would-be leaders and so-called reform groups. Consider that at an appropriate
time, it may be decided to accelerate this situation and facilitate civil unrest and
perhaps even a “regime change”.

So it is with Egypt. And so it will be in the USA and any other locale when
necessary. Media content planted here and there over recent months have
appeared to expose the social stressors within the Egyptian population, then
stories about the failing of the Mubarak government, later there is the appearance
of exposing his failing grip on power and health, and then stories that recapitulate
various meme engineering as per requirements. Backup plans to replace Mubarak
were likely underway over the last few years. This is not the work of “spontaneous
revolution” and such a term is an oxymoron.

In Yemen, Ethiopia, Jordan, Somalia, Sudan, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, etc. there
have been recent street protests, some involving violent conflict. These are
grassroots social uprisings to replace corrupt power with something presumably
been very rare over the last century.
instigates, who leads? Espoused rationalizations and ideologies are
or leading.

While localized riots take place spontaneously or seemingly so, national uprisings
coordinating must have a sufficiently common relationship with one another.
Issues of authority and control, finances, and various protocols need to be worked
out. In this day and age, such things do not take place without the permission,
facilitation, or more direct involvement of agents of the human powers-that-be.
Including deliberately “looking the other way” when appropriate.

This also directly concerns people living in any of the major countries in the
Americas or Europe. A “take down” is underway in stages involving food and other
material goods, money, illusionary personal liberties, and then greater restrictions
as more people move into conflict with one another or against symbols of the

not realGenuine mass uprisings that involve genuine grassroots efforts have actuallyThe question is always who benefits, whoalways, regardless of the assumed or presumed intentions of those instigatingnot spontaneous. They are planned and coordinated and those planning and
Density of Falsehoods

There are no valid or viable “alternative” leaders, nor are their viable or valid
“movements”. There never really were, only figures who represented various
memes and political-economic interests. Later the memory-and-meme-control
police (historians) pick out a few relatively “safe” characters and shape them into
popular icons. Examples in the recent century would be King, Gandhi, Mandela,
Walesa, Gorbachev, etc. The reality of these people and what they were really
Global Awakening News - January 30, 2011 – Letter to “A-List” Readers – v 1.1
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connected to and supported by is entirely another matter from the mythology
created around them. But this should not be surprising in a world based upon
falsehoods so profound that the very perception and structure of reality and
personal existence is based upon a density of falsehoods.

Most people will respond to the official pronouncements of austerity and sacrifice
for the “homeland” and focus on banal self-interest. Few understand that that the
present inflationary supports and official largesse in the USA to maintain the
power of global capital are now at the level of $100,000 per US household. Those
few who are aware of this might wonder what if that money had been made
available to ordinary people. A naïve notion for sure, but understandable in its
sentiment. Even though there are some who have a sense of details, these details
of “facts” do not truly matter unless understood within a total pattern.

As of now, nothing can be done about any of this except to foment anger and
misdirected civil strife. Then what if the powers-that-be consolidate their global
order and begin to release more inflated digital money to fuel a small uptick in
consumerism? Real change? A “global political awakening”? Hardly.

Those “in the know” of the elite are aware that the music will stop soon and not all
will have a seat at the head table. Some may not even be in the room anymore.
Those who believe in implementing end-time agendas of an insane Christian-
Zionist-Islamic axis are not the ones who call the shots. Such notions are only
stories that are told and retold to engage various levels of support for the high level

Many will want to believe something and so will place naïve hopes in some “new”
world order, whatever it is that some people may call it. This might even be
supported by a perception of some greater threat to humanity and earth.
The agendas and motivations of the powers-that-be are confusing and difficult to
penetrate. Find one shred of real truth, and you will be misdirected by ten times
as many red herrings all leading to ten times as many “rabbit holes”. “Whatever
works for us” is perhaps the best way to describe the powers-that-be. If “fascism
and war” does the trick, that is what will be pursued, if “peace and prosperity” is
what work for a time, then that is the ticket. If a new unholy “Crusades” will help,
then that will be promoted. Eventually the masses of people will become
accustomed to all this and not know or care anymore as long as their material
lives appear to have some continuity. The powers-that-be will support any and all
sides as long as their agenda can be advanced. Even as these deceptions are
partially unmasked, new deceptions are created such as WikiLeaks and various
false “whistleblower” websites.

To compel masses of humans to comply with a global unified control system, will
the card of a false alien/ET “threat” be played by the planetary powers-that-be? We
Global Awakening News - January 30, 2011 – Letter to “A-List” Readers – v 1.1
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cannot foretell this and so it will be events that do tell. It is one of a number of
high-threat scenarios that are being prepared to pre-empt excessive global chaos
and oblige more humans one last time to offer themselves up to the whim and will
of those who work for the darkness. Will a genuine alien threat be identified as
actually real? Perhaps. Is there a faction of the powers-that-be that does not go
along with the dark alien alliance of their peers? Probably. Should they be
supported? Why? It is all much more intricately complicated than this.

From the present state of human awareness, does it
actionable way?

If there is no geophysical/space/climate catastrophe, then pandemics, starvation,
and war will be used to drastically alter the numbers and expectations of humans.
Please, let us stay focused on our higher work. It is of immeasurable value, but we
must not let ourselves become distracted by these matters of misdirected human

Somewhere outside of this tangled and tattered web, there are those who are
quietly working toward their own spiritual awakening into their own greater
beingness, whatever descriptors they may use for this. This is what is of greatest
importance now. It will have its greatest effects only if those who are most
attentive to these energetic changes keep their focus. In time it can influence and
catalyze spiritual awakening of many more humans.

The spiritual light grows even as the darkness seems so present in this physical
realm. It is only from this light that new creation is shaped and so is our existence
as spiritual beings.

In the end it is you, your higher self, and the oneness of true Creation. That is all
there has ever been.
really matter in any
Global Awakening News - January 30, 2011 – Letter to “A-List” Readers – v 1.1
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Conference call?
If there is a need or interest in discussing the substance of this letter, please email
us at
announce a session at the earliest. If there is sufficient interest to warrant a telecall, we will
Egypt Internet Shutdown? – Not Entirely
This is a pattern likely to be implemented in many regions of the world and
countries, including USA, etc. So here is a first glimpse. Note that the most
important access that would be used for important economic and other messaging
purposes is not restricted. Noor Group (North Africa region) and Microsoft are the
only connections that are not turned off (no surprise). Noor also handles major
Egyptian financial markets. (See background article at NES link.)

Brzeznski quote:

Historically, the Op/Ed sections in the NYTimes and WSJ are examples of
mainstream media are used to signal the various strata of the powers-that-be
minions of significant changes. Brzeznski repeated his op/ed message in a later
address to the Council of Foreign Relations, a forum where these ideas are
presented to inform various minion levels of the powers-that-be.

“For the first time in human history almost all of humanity is politically
activated, politically conscious and politically interactive... The resulting
global political activism is generating a surge in the quest for personal dignity,
cultural respect and economic opportunity in a world painfully scarred by
memories of centuries-long alien colonial or imperial domination... The
worldwide yearning for human dignity is the central challenge inherent in the
phenomenon of global political awakening... That awakening is socially
massive and politically radicalizing... The nearly universal access to radio,
television and increasingly the Internet is creating a community of shared
perceptions and envy that can be galvanized and channeled by demagogic
political or religious passions. These energies transcend sovereign borders and
pose a challenge both to existing states as well as to the existing global
hierarchy, on top of which America still perches...

The youth of the Third World are particularly restless and resentful. The
demographic revolution they embody is thus a political time-bomb, as well...
Their potential revolutionary spearhead is likely to emerge from among the
scores of millions of students concentrated in the often intellectually dubious
"tertiary level" educational institutions of developing countries. Depending on
the definition of the tertiary educational level, there are currently worldwide
Global Awakening News - January 30, 2011 – Letter to “A-List” Readers – v 1.1
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between 80 and 130 million "college" students. Typically originating from the
socially insecure lower middle class and inflamed by a sense of social outrage,
these millions of students are revolutionaries-in-waiting, already semimobilized
in large congregations, connected by the Internet and pre-positioned
for a replay on a larger scale of what transpired years earlier in Mexico City
or in Tiananmen Square. Their physical energy and emotional frustration is
just waiting to be triggered by a cause, or a faith, or a hatred...

[The] major world powers, new and old, also face a novel reality: while the
lethality of their military might is greater than ever, their capacity to impose
control over the politically awakened masses of the world is at a historic low.
To put it bluntly: in earlier times, it was easier to control one million people
than to physically kill one million people; today, it is infinitely easier to kill
one million people than to control one million people.”

New York Times, December 16, 2008 - Zbigniew Brzezinski
Former U.S. National Security Advisor; Co-Founder of the Trilateral Commission;
Member, Board of Trustees, Center for Strategic and International Studies


By Alex Kochkin

A “Global Political Awakening”? …Guess again.

Here is Alex's latest letter that I am sharing with all who visit this blog.   Here it is in it's entirety:

Global Awakening News - January 30, 2011