Sunday, April 9, 2017

RIP Dear, Sweet Girl - Ebba Åkerlund - Stockholm 2017 Terrorist Attack Victim

RIP Ebba Åkerlund.   An eleven years old hearing impaired girl whom was run over by the truck used in the terror attack in Stockholm, Sweden.   Another victim of the Caliphate.

My best wishes go out to her family and friends.  She is now with the Angels.


rolandmollbrandt said...


When the truth about this and other heinous "terrorist" crimes will be revealed, there will be a lot of politicians who will be ashamed beyond belief and rightly so!!!

Isn't it extremely coincidental that ALL "terrorist" attacks, since 9/11, took place, during or right after massive governmental terror drills!?... All the while, the people has to pay the ultimate price for the crimes of a small power elite, who wants to make this attack to an excuse for a police state!!!

Michael Brine said...

Humanity humanity - when will it ever end! :( Michael Brine.

Anonymous said...

If not for third-world immigration into Sweden, this would not have happened. Time to deport all muslims!

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Yes Roland.

There is a small global elits behind these terrible acts against all that is good in us.

Thank you for stopping by for a vist and leaving a comment.

Keep the Faith,

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Yes Michael. Such sadness to many when innocence is attacked.

Kind regards,

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

At least deport the terrorists and crimmals in the pack Anonymous.

Kind regards,

Magnus said...

Hello Roland.
Interesting information. I have just heard avout this briefly the other day, havent stumbled over any of this kind of info regarding stockholm though, but it was a strange coincidence when the police actually said "we had a terrorattack-drill this very week". If any have good links about this - especially about sthlm, pls share!

Ohiogirl1951 said...

I saw Ebba's picture, and then her body on the street. She is another one of the many "sacrificial lambs" dying in the islamization of Europe. The leaders in Europe don't care about their own people if they are willing to sacrifice them to promote multiculturalism. I have never seen such cold-heartedness in my life. The demise of native Europeans facilitated by their own leaders is beyond despicable.

Ohiogirl1951 said...

I dom't think the leaders like Merkel care. They have ice water in their veins.

Al of Oz said...

May she be with the angel now.

henry.garciga said...

Israel murdered thousands of Americans on 9-11 and instead of being outed, Congress criminalizes Americans for boycotting this terrorist, parasitic and racist state.