Friday, May 11, 2012

We Are All One - An Inspiring Short Film

This incredible short film shares an Indigenous Native American Prophecy that links all of life and the future of our planet.

Our purpose:

We want to change the global markets to protect the future of our beautiful world. Every single person should make aware choices to contribute to help our environment.

We want to encourage everyone!
Spread the understanding that everyone has an individual power to make a difference, we are the consumers in this world, what we don't buy, doesn't sell.

Take action!
Please help us carry this message to various media, including the major TV networks. This is the lesson we all must learn and pass on to our children. We are privileged to put your compassion into action.

Oren Lyons, Floyd Red Crow Westerman, Native American, indigenous rights, united nations, Indian, Prophecy, Planet earth, nature, we are all one, activism

Visit the website... Upload the file and spread the word!

1 comment:

Raghunath Ishwar said...

This $0$ message needs a blanket coverage across all International Tv channels, €micron protection & preservation is the need of the hour🍀🙏💖