Thursday, May 10, 2012

Alerte Rouge- Police State Montreal: Brutal Treatment of Protesters

May 9, 2012

Quand l'injustice est loi, la résistance est un devoir.
Police State Montreal: Brutal Treatment of Protesters
by grtv
Compilation of footage of protests in and around Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and the ever-increasing use of brutal and often illegal police tactics to break up the crowds. This is what democracy looks like?

« Vos mensonges, nous les dynamitons
Nous refusons ce passé où déjà vous nous empaillez
Comme des trophées malheureux
Vous nous voulez civilisés nous vous savons barbares ­»
L'Afficheur hurle, Paul Chamberland, 1964

Vidéo monté à base d'images disponibles publiquement, exclusivement du printemps 2012 et principalement à Montréal.

Made with publicly available footage from spring 2012, mostly in Montreal.

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Magnus said...


Time for these guys to remember - didn't their mom's tell them to not use violence against another person...

Anonymous said...

Very nice blog thanks for sharing.