Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hopi Poem and Art Work by Quotshyneum From Hopitutuqaiki, The Hopi School in Hotevilla, AZ

A poem by Quotshyneum from the Poetry and Printmaking class in 2010

The above poem & art work is by a Native American Hopi Indian by the name of  Quotshyneum from the Hopitutuqaiki, The Hopi School in Hotevilla, AZ.  

The school is dedicated to developing an educational process that is derived from Hopi—rather than imposed upon Hopi.  It seems to me that we should be respecting what was there before we White people came out and started telling Natives what to do.  We need to respect the hundreds or thousands of years that Native people learned to educate their young—and actually that should be happening everywhere in the world.  That is essentially why Princess Irene of Greece got involved in our program—so that she could export what we are trying to do to complement her work in India.  She, and her foundation, were our founding benefactors. 

Bob Rhodes

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