Saturday, May 12, 2012

I Heard This Day The Sound of Angels by M.N. Hopkins

I Heard This Day The Sound of Angels

I heard this day the sound of angels.

They spoke to me and said.

Now is the time of a great awakening for Mankind.

Now is a time of dreams fulfilled.

Now is the time for Man to take responsibility for not just himself,  but for all forms of life living upon your planet.

Now is the time of renewal and enlightenment.

Now is the time of lovely creations that last through the ages.

Now, have we time to awaken to the reality of You.

You uncumbered by the dark sides of human emotion.

Uncumbered by the worst that has found a home within your humanities.

Now, is a time of the liberation and expression of what is best within the human spirit.

Now, is it time.

Time joins with the timeless and when the two collide.

There comes forth a new creation.

A joyous creation directed by Love and its' minyans.

That day is at hand and that day is now.

So, now come with us to today.

Come to the Present.

Leave the pain and sorrows of the past behind.

And walk into the joy of living in the now.

Now, is it time.

Now, have you arrived.


© 2012  M.N. Hopkins

Note:  I wrote this poem last night and published it today.


Magnus said...

Thank you! It was a great calm coming with it. And I felt sensations and strange things happening (positive things) in my body as well.

It was beautiful :-)

Pam Bickell said...

May every word be so--for all of us! Thanks, Mike. It's inspiring.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Pam & Magnus:

Thank you both for your kind words. If looks like you get it.

My very best wishes to both,

Unknown said...

Now is the time.. Such truly spoken prose.