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Rape Reality Check Sweden - Fifty Year Old Man Gets Four And A Half Years Jail Sentence For Ten Years of Raping A Child

After reading the below in the Swedish media recently, I pondered about this case plus that of Julian Assange. 

I wondered what jail time would be in the States for a similar crime.  I thought perhaps 30 to 40 years and perhaps even lifetime imprisonment.  I wasn't far from reality.  I found a chart for the sentences for Statutory Rape in the States.  This Swedish sentence would be considered very soft in comparison.

I've read in British newspapers that the Swedish Legal system is tough on rape.  Yea, sure.  The below article certainly doesn't give one that impression and what I have read over and over and over again in the Swedish Media certainly doesn't validate that statement.  Perhaps, politically motivated or some anti- Julian Assange PR.

He has little to worry about if he is sentenced in Sweden and can stay in a Swedish prison according to this report.  His alleged crime is far less than this.  It has yet to be appealed.  Usually the High Court in Sweden halves the sentences after appeal or are acquitted.   It is also my belief that the time up to the conviction is deducted from the jail time in Sweden so he will not serve time in prison for long if at all once this travesty of justice is over.  If he did as many criminals in Sweden do, just don't show up for your court date and the case is often folded.

Perhaps this will not work for you though since you have been given such special and unusual treatment by the Swedish Government.  I have read articles in the Guardian that are so far from reality that I wonder who in Sweden is feeding the Brits with these tall tails that have zero semblance to the reality of Swedish Law or the Judicial System.  This Land is not just a rapists paradise but also what I consider a criminals' paradise.

Besides Julian, you get a private room in jail with TV and computer and can even buy alcohol and drugs at the Kiosk if the reports of the Swedish media are correct.   You can also purchase personal items online over the internet and if the authorites decide to move you to another facility, the State will pay for the moving truck.

So, cheer up, mate.  No worries, unless of course you are extradited to the good old US of A.  That most likely will not a five star prison as in Sweden. Now, dear children of Sweden, you have much to worry about .  Do take precautions and be careful.  Learn to protect yourselves.  

This is the article that began the thought processes first in it's original in Swedish and then translated into English: 

Karlstad.  50-årig man fick 4, 5 års fängelse för barnvåldtäkt

Från slutet av 1990-talet under nästan tio år hade den nu 50-åringe mannen från Karlstadområdet regelbundet sex med en flicka född 1991.

Nu har han dömts till fängelse i fyra och sex månander.

Enligt åtalet hade mannen inlett övergreppen någon gång i slutet av 1990-talet med sexuallt umgänage med flickan som då var mellan sex och sju år gammel.  I slutet av år 2000 började han ha sexuallt umgäange med henne regelbundet ungefär en gång i veckan fram tills hon var 15-årsåldern.  Han hade då ansvar för flickan.  Hon stod under hons fostran, som det står i domen.

Han döms för våldtäkt mot barn, grovt sexuallt utnyttjande av underårig oc grovt sexuallt övergrepp mot barn till fängelse i fyra år och sex månander.  Han ska betala 300 000 kroner i ersättning för kränkning och 50 000 kronor som ersättning för svedia och värk.

Here is a translation into English. 

Karlstad.  50 Year Old Man Got 4.5 Years Imprisonment For Child Rape.

Starting at the end of the 90s and continuing for almost 10 years the now 50 year old man from Karlstad, Sweden had sex with a girl who was born in 1991.

He has been sentenced to prison for 4 years and 6 months according to Prosecution. 

The man started sometime in the end of the 90s having sexual relations with the girl than 6 or 7 years of age.  At the end of the year 2000, he had sex once a week until she reached the age of 15 years.  He had the custody of the girl.

He has been sentenced for raping a child.  Servere sexual abuse of a minor and servere sexual assault towards a child.  Four and a half years in proison and a 300,000 swedish crowns fine in damages for violation of her body and 50,000 swedish crowns for pain and suffering.

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