Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Food Freedom Rally to Support Freeport, MN Farmer Alvin Schlangen by Andrea Hubbell


Source of Picture:   KABC Eyewitness News, Minneapolis, MN

Food Freedom Rally to Support Freeport, MN Farmer

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by Andrea Hubbell
May 14, 2012

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn – (KSAX) Alvin Schlangen hasn't stolen anything, rather he's almost giving his dairy away and although re-distributing the raw milk is illegal in Minnesota, these advocates say it's not the government's decision it should be theirs.

She’s not on Schlangen’s milk route,

"Wish I was."

But Shelly Galde drinks the same raw milk he's been criminally charged with for delivering.

"Alvin's been faced with four criminal counts, fines and possible jail time." Galde said.

Something everyone here isn't so happy about, especially, when it comes to their health.

"The only kind of milk we can tolerate without with out rashes and digestive issues is raw milk." Elisa Berry said.

So with a cow bell on and milk in hand, they signed a proclamation promising to stand up for Schlangen and any other organic farmer all across the nation.

"This about trying to satisfy a demand for food that is growing every day." Schlangen said.

But now the jury has to choose whether the Freeport farmer is guilty for giving the people their choice.

"I wish my government would go after some of the sex offenders or human traffickers that may be in the area instead of going after a peaceful farmer for putting real food into the hands of people who want it.” Berry said.

People like Shelly Galde,

I think all of this should be thrown out because this is ludacris." Galde said.

Today, Alvin Schlangen’s trial was pushed back and rescheduled to begin next Monday.

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Anonymous said...

Once again I'm on a slightly different curve as I have always believed that cow's milk was made for baby cows. However, I agree with the principle that is being high lighted here as with GM foods and other similar issues.

I'd like to also add that babies raised on cow's milk rather than mother's milk become quite red faced over time and 'grow' much faster and larger - not necessarily a good or healthy development.

Michael B.