Saturday, March 26, 2011

International Poll: 100% Disagree With Swedish Court Decisions

Whom do you think deserves a longer jail sentence?

Here are the results of my second effort at International Polling and if one looks at my Flag Counter Statistics there can be no argumanet that my blog has an International readership.  The two questions that I chose were from stories in the Swedish news from two weeks ago.  I purposely gave no details as not to bias the opinions of the pollees.  I must make one correction and that is that the man who raped the 5 year old girl was infact, 68 years of age and that the girl was the responsibility of his wife who was babysitting her in their home. 

Now, I will give the information on the jail sentences for both of these criminal cases that were tried in Swedish Courts.  The man who raped the dear little girl received a sentence of three years of jail time whereas the man who burned down the church received a sentence of seven years in jail.  It turns out that one hundred percent of those who chose to give their opinion were in complete disagreement with the Swedish Court's view on crime and punishment.

After reading the above numbers, I have come to the conclusion that the Swedish Judicial Authories and their views are light years away from the thinking of their own citizens as well as those of other Lands.  One would think that a human life would have a greater value than that of a material object such as a church building, but obviously this is not the case within the Swedish Courts.

This is a common theme in Swedish society today.  Court sentences for rape or murder are very short when compared to long sentences for tax crimes.  To not pay the tax man can have a consequence of up to eight years in jail.   I know of a young man who sold steriods and was caught with one million swedish crowns in his bank account.  You see Mamma had taught him to put all his money into the bank for save keeping.  Perhaps, it is not always wise to listen to one's Mamma.  Any businessman orr criminal with a cash flow would have given him much better advise.  Anyhow, he got five years in jail and the Swedish government is one million crowns richer.   So, this is a clear indication than taxes are the number one focus of the Swedish government whereas it's citizen's and their safety has a far lesser value.

I have often thought that an individual as well as a government agency or institutions, both public and private as well as the citizens in general of any nation are better judged by their actions rather than their words. If a problem or problems exist in a society and are not dealt with immediately, then they will have the natural tendency to increase and this is the case in Sweden.  We are seeing the same problems from ten years ago with the only diffence is that they have increased tremendously rather than abated.  There is much talk here about children.  Often one hears cries of, "Save  the children" or "protect the children's rights within the society" or "every child has the right to" a fairy tale existence, yet when children are abused, murdered or raped, the aleged are often given a very light jail sentence and in many cases, the charges are dropped completely  because of what I view as folk group phobias, laws that allow children under 16 years of age exemption from all crimes and what I believe to be a total inability and unwillingness to deal with problems in the modern Swedish society by both politicians and their governmental agencies.

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