Sunday, March 27, 2011

What Do Animals Teach Us?

Yesterday, I was reflecting on some incidents with animals that I am working with daily at my work place and thought about writing about some of my experiences to share with others.  I had the urge to meditate and clear my mind before writing and this is what came to me in a steam of conciousness.  Here is the message in it's entirety exactly as given.  Please read and reflect upon these words to see if there is any truth in these words for you.

What do animals teach us?

To love ourselves and to love others.  For those of the natural realm are far more honest and direct with their communication.  They feel direct and respond directly to the forces around them.

If an animal reacts to you in a negative manner than it is time to be aware that the problem lies within you, not within the animal.  For those of the animal realm look to Man for leadership, not enslavement.  They are willing to overcome differences of understanding between the species so as to live together.

We ask all who will listen to be kind to your animal friends.  For their feelings are deep and they sense with an intensity that only a few humans can acheive.

The animals have come to direct Man in the ways of this world,  to learn to live in group communities, to learn to work together for the survival of the flock.

They give freely and only ask for the touch of  Man in return.  For the warmth of the heart they do understand and the sharing of emotion is what they teach.  To be in tune with nature or the natural world without past or future, living within the moment.

Yes, the animals are truly the trainers of Man with valuable lessons to impart if only Mankind will listen and see with eyes unfiltered by arrogance and control.

© 2011   M. N. Hopkins


Magnus said...


Thank you for sharing this post. I read you last guest post about animals and the cat, and I reflected over a time about animals and what they may teach us, and I kind of got to the same conclusion/opinion as you. Animals do not judge anyone and show us unconditional love. So it might actually sound like a good idea to start talking to animals I think - at least the answers would leave a little bit wiser than our communication with some of our fellow people in this world... ;-)

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Magnus:

All I might say is a lot more honest and direct.

Take care and glad you liked this post,

Mike said...

Hi Mike, this is a fine article, and I agree with it.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello again Mike:

Glad you liked the "What animals teach us?" entry. I thought that perhaps you might.

Take care and enjoy the warm Florida air,