Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tragedy - Interview With An Angel - Part 3

This will be the final blog entry of my Interview With An Angel trilogy and deals with human tragedy from both the human ego and the soul perspective.  If you find these three entries interesting and enlightening, then I encourage you to order a copy of the book or see if you local library might have a copy on the shelf.  I will give you a link at the end of the narration for those interested in learning more from Ariel.


Linda:  So many people have tragedies in their lives.  Is it all part of growth?

Ariel:  It is again only you with this idea , this ego that labels events as tragedy or miracle.  If you could see them as we do, without judgement, with a very broad perspective and with the truth of how this process of incarnation works, they are simply experiences.  As an example, to one person, drinking a cup of coffee can be a treat, tasting delicious, aromatic and savory while to another it can be a cruel form of punishment, tasting bitter, strong and vile.  It is the same coffee in both cases, just the human judgement is different.

Consider the person whose house is destroyed, the person whose child is killed, the person who suffers terribly the loss of his loved one to cancer and is filled with pain over the loss.  Metaphorically, these can be viewed as heavy heavy weights on a barbell.  In these situations, the ego of the afflicted person did not consciously choose to lift that barbell.  But make no mistake, the soul specifically planned the experience.

It is as though the soul could choose for you to build muscles, but the ego doesn't know about the plan.  And one day you are forced at gunpoint to lift incredible weights which you do and the muscles grow.  The only difference is that if you agreed to it, it would be harmonious and filled with pleasure.  If the ego didn't know about it and thought it was being done to you, you would be complaining bitterly, seeking retribution.  And yet in the end, the same amount of weight would have been lifted and the same muscles would grow.

The burden if inhabiting a human body is that the ego believes it controls the universe.  It believes it is God.  And it sees these things--the accident, the misfortune, the missed opportunity, the betrayals, all these things that are judged as negative--as punishment or misfortune, as bad.  Indeed, to the soul it is no more a misfortune than the weight lifting metaphor.

There is nothing that you experience in life that your ego judges as good or bad that is not something that you yourself at a soul level have specifically requested.  Nothing is by accident.

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