Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Link To My Contribution To, "Notes Along The Path"

I have included a link to a shared guest post in which I have had the opportunity to share an insight that I had previously shared with a friend in Canada which he then shared with some of his friends and eventually I was asked if I was willing to share my insight along with another interesting narration by Magi, a mutual friend of both Michael and Pam on Pam Bickell's blog, "Notes Along The Path".  I agreed, so for those who are interested in taking a look at this blog entry.  Perhaps after, if you so please, you may decide to stay and read more on Pam's blog.

I hope that you enjoy reading this insight and perhaps it will start you to thinking about your own relationship to those in the animal realm and perhaps, you too will come to your own unique insights.  Enjoy:


magi said...

thank you so much for this link. I love Stranger In A Strange Land title. We've been blessed with clear voices for many years now and the results are increasingly evident. The present situation reminds me of spring thaw - up to our waists in "mud" due to changing consciousness. I still find myself judging events wrong when I start "thinking" - an act that usually involves my going in the past or imagined future. Be Still! I get this message a lot- lol. many blessings ...

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Magi:

Thanks for your comment and your kind words. Yes, up to our waists in mud. A good way to express the current state on the planet and the emotional state of many people today. Nobody gets it right all the time. Perhaps, but being still we open ourselves and calm our mind and ego long enough for our Soul to be heard.

Kindest regards,