Thursday, March 3, 2011

Internet Pedophile Sentenced To 3.5 Years In Sweden

Here's another story from Sweden that came out in the news yesterday which will give you an indication of how tough the Swedish sex crime laws are and how competitent the judicial system when dealing with sex crime offenders.  It appeared on Swedish TV text news on March 2, 2011.  I will translate the article into English for you first and then give you my opinions after along with a link to this story from a Swedish newspaper.  So here is the translation:

A 36 year old man from Skåne Province in southern Sweden was today sentenced by the Helsingborg, Sweden district court to serve 3.5 years in prison for 39 cases of sex crimes involving children, amongst them rape.  Totally, the man has been  procecuted for sex crimes involving 30 young girls, whom he has contacted over the internet.  As the man had an earlier conviction for raping children and still had 8 months left to serve on a former prison sentence, he will end up serving a total of 4 years and two months.  The man shall also pay damages for a total amount of 385,000 swedish crowns (Around 61,000 USD).

My question is how did this man rape another child while serving a prison sentence? 

Here, I will attempt to answer my own question based on other news stories.  Often prisoners are allowed to leave prison for weekend visits and there have been many incidents of rapes and murders occuring during this time.  Also, there are far more convictions than places in Swedish jails so it is not uncommon for convicted criminals to wait years before there is a place for them and during that time they do what criminals do best, commit crimes.   Sometimes, they must even wait years before a trial and during this time they are allowed their freedom as is the case for those already convicted of a crime.  Sometimes, they just don't show up to court and the charges are dropped.  Sometimes, they just leave the country and come back after I believe it is 10 years and they are free to re-enter the country without any fear of procecution.

If I were a betting man, I would put my money on this man appealing to a higher court and his sentence being shorted.   The higher courts tend to be more forgiving than the local courts.  This is often the case.  A sentence of 4 years and 2 months will probably be viewed as inhuman. 

Another question that I have is who will protect the children in the future when this serial rapist is let out on such short term leaves?

I can answer that.  Probably no one.  Police are short handed and often can't even response to emergency calls of serious crimes being commited and just tell the victums when they call, they will get out to the crime scene as soon as they can or that there is no one wjho can come out.  I do not blame the police in Sweden for this, but the government that has cut their numbers down as crime has sky rocketed.  It must to very frustrating to be a Swedish police officer.  There is always talk of the police having limited resources, yet how much has the Swedish government spent on this Julian Assange circus?  Better to go after a guy whose only crime was to show the world just what a bunch of hypocrites and liars the majority of politicians and leaders in our world are.  Better to spent millions in tax payer money on revenge than to use that money to serve and protect their fellow citizens.

Again, I will say that this story from yesterday is another example of the wide gap between the words of polititians and the reality in everday life.  Where are the tough sex crime laws and well functioning Swedish judicial system that Sweden has told the Britts that they have and that Julian will get a fair trial in Sweden.  Please read my earlier blog entry on Why Julian Assange Will Never Get A Fair Trial In Sweden from February, 2011 for more background infromation on the Swedish Court system.

Here is a link to this news story for Swedish readers:


Anonymous said...

I personally think that Parents of abused should also be brought into investigations and asked that why did they not take care of children?

Also have a look at this video:


Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Anonymous:

Good comment. Yes, whatever happened to parents being responsible for the little ones. In Sweden today, where young children are billed by The State Collection Agency and commit major crimes without any punishment or consequences, one wonders where are all the adults in the equation.

I think of the organization BRIS - Childrens Rights In The Society and think that in truth it should be called, The Childrens Right To Destroy The Society encouraged by a bunch of stupid parents and adults.

Thanks for your comment,