Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sleep Walking Rapist Acquitted In A Swedish Court

This was in the Swedish TV text news yesterday.  Perhaps this may be a good tip to Julian Assange and his defense team to change their defense strategy.  I will translate it into English for you.

A 36 year old man who after a party in Harparanda, Sweden crawled down into the bed inbetween a woman and her male company as both laid and slept.  The man started to have intercourse with the woman.

The man has denied the alleged rape and claimed that he suffers from a sleep walking disorder.

The Harparanda district city court found the man guilty and convicted him to two years in prison, but the appeals court in Norrland Province freed the man from the conviction of rape because expert witnesses said that it could not be determined whether he was actually in a sleeping state or not.

For my Swedish readers here is a link with the story in Swedish (på svenska):


This may be a good example of how much truth there is in the stories the Swedish Authorities have been giving the Britts about the tough rape laws in Sweden and the fine court system that they have.

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