Friday, March 4, 2011

Swedish Internet Pedophile Preys Upon His Victims From Jail

This is an update to the last blog entry entitled,  Internet Pedophile Sentenced To 3.5 Years In Sweden.  More information has come out in the Swedish press.  This is a translated article from the Swedish edition of the Metro Newspaper dated, March 3, 2011.  It turns out that he surveyed his victims while serving his time inside prison and raped the 14 year old girl after his release.  You ask how this can happen.   Well, as far as prisons go, Sweden's might be considered 5 star.  Inmates has a private room with a bed and desk along with televisions and computers.  In fact, they can even order furniture and other personal goods online.   A few years back the Swedish government was very upset that it had to hire private moving companies to move inmates when transferred to other facilities.  Some had ordered so many goods that this was the only way to move them.  They can also buy goodies, ice cream, soda, beer, and it was found out illegal drugs at one facility in Gothenburg and the authorities thought perhaps this was going on for two or more years.  Escapes are common also.  More than once some prisoners buddies have driven a car through one of the fences and after several just walked out.  I have had the opinion for many years that Sweden is a criminal's paradise, both inside and outside.  Due to weak laws, weak courts, and a police force that has it's hands tied due to laws that favor the criminal rather than the victims.

Now to the story after a little background information:

He was sentensed for raping kids with a total of 39 sex crimes and imprisoned.  This didn't stop him even from prison.  By reading the birthday ads of little girls in the daily newspapers, he managed to map and contact new victims.  The nicknamed, Alexandra Man got another 3.5 years to serve in prison.  Found in his computer were the names of appromately 400 girls, age 9-12 years of age.  He sent them long love letters saying that he was a famous actor.

During his short term leaves from prison he found new victims on the net.  This means he had free hands to continue his perversions from the inside.  Sweden's weak laws released this man 8 months earlier for good behavior.  He certainly had the authorities fooled.  When one reads the local press with almost weekly reports of sex crimes it is not too much of a stretch to asuume that the stories that the Swedish government have been telling the foreign presses about their tough sex crime laws and top notch justice system is pure fabrication.

I wrote this for two reasons.  One, to add to the credibility of Julian Assange's argument that he will not get a fair trial in Sweden and the second reason is for all the young girls who were sexually voilated and brutally raped and denied justice or fair trials because of allegations of improper dressing, use of alcohol, or because the jury decided that the girls didn't put up enough resistance.  Man versus little girls.  There is a unfair contest and unequal justice under the law.

I will end with a quotation that apppeared in todays Metro newspaper.  It is from Kent Ekeroth who is a member of the Swedish Parliament.  He said this when commenting on the Swedish judicial system, "Swedish Courts are too cowardly" and this came from a native Swede who I believe has a good knowledge of how this system functions or perhaps I might better say, disfunctions.  Perhaps, the Julian Assange defence team should call him as an expert witness and the dear innocent little girls should ask him to walk them home from school. 

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christian hoffgaard said...

pedophiles no matter from where they come,should be deballed de penisized and then dacapitatet but as usual they are protectet by the ruling moderate nazis who most likely are peophile perverts themselves