Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Three School Burnings in One Night

Well, the poor Swedish Children who need to be educated as to why it's not a nice thing to burn down schools. The Swedish answer to every problem is education. Billions are spent every year and the children become even more unmanageable. The Modern Swedish view and I am not joking is that a youth up to 20 years of age is not responsible for their actions because they do not understand consequences. This I can partly agree with since there are no consequences or punishments for youth under 16 years of age. So nothing or very little happens to youth who murder, rape, steal, vandelize, or destroy property. Sometimes, if the Police even bother to take any action, they may get a few hours of community service. There is also a program here in which they visit special social workers and discuss their problems and if possible meet with the victims of their crime and cruelty and ask forgiveness. I actually viewed this on TV and these two little con artists put on a good show for the Social Worker. They robbed a bank and scared a bank teller half to death. Later during this report the Police and camera crew came across these same two darlings while they were out with their friends burning cars and buildings and such. This is a favorite activity of many youth in the larger city areas. This shows how effective this method is in the reformation of children. I'm sure that the boys probably had many good laughs after.

Now, back to the News report. Two pre-schools and one Gymnasium or High School were set on fire during the wee hours between Sunday night and Monday morning. No one was caught which is the usual. Witnesses said that they saw a gang in the area.

According to News articles I have read, the fine youth of Sweden set aflame an average of a little over one school building per day. This last event was above the National Average. Three schools in one day.

Another phenomenon in Modern Sweden is the Crisis Intervention Team. I watched a video by three of these Educators and Crisis Handlers and my understanding is that the Childen must own there problem and come to their own decisions within their group without adult interference as to how to handle the situation. So, my intrepretation is, anything goes and criminality amongs't youth increases in every catagory, year after year.
I remember the town I was working in had an incident in which an eight year old kicked a Teacher and a special Crisis Team was sent from the University and spent a week at the schlool. I was new to the Swedish Education System and made the comment, "Wouldn't it have been easier to put ones hand firmily on the childs shoulder and say, No, you are not allowed to do this. This would have taken just a moment and saved a lot of time and money for the School District" I got come strange looks and everyone walked away from me to avoid comment.

Ask any Elderly People why they are afraid to walk in their communities or go to the cash machine to take out money. Why Firemen are afriad to go and put out fires when there are gangs of youth involved. Now, there was an incident this summer in which the Firemen were unable to put out fires because the youth attacked both Firemen and Police and drove them away. Now, there's respect for authority. These Swedish Academics and Psychologists must be big fans of , Lord of the Flies. Or perhaps, they should be.

Here's an article of one incident that may give a better view of this problem:


Here's a Youtube of a pre-school burning:


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