Friday, September 28, 2012

The Council of World Elders Video - In English & Subtexted in German

27 September 2012

Botschaft des Council of World Elders mit Untertitel / Massage of the Council of World Elders subtitled

Ziele des Council of World Elders

Der Council of World Elders vereinigt die besten Repräsentanten nativer Völker, die das traditionelle Wissen für den Weltfrieden und für die Heilung unseres Planeten praktizieren und vermitteln.

Die Mitglieder sind herausragende renommierte Persönlichkeiten, die sich für die Gesundung der Natur bzw. für einen ganzheitlich bewussten Umgang mit sich selbst und allem Leben auf unserer Erde einsetzen.

Aims of the Council of World Elders

The Council of World Elders is a unification of the best representatives of native tribes, who practice and teach their ancient traditional wisdom for world peace and the healing of our planet.

The members are extraordinarily renowned personalities, who dedicate their lives to the expansion of consciousness of humanity, regeneration of nature and to an integral and conscious treatment of life on Earth.

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Anonymous said...

A heartening message I agree but until there is some major event that will bring us - humanity as a whole not just those at the bottom of the ladder - to its knees - nothing will change. Again, I come back to population pressures and the cyclic nature of the Universe as the indicator that will bring about the change we so badly want and need.

My thoughts anyway.