Thursday, September 27, 2012

Episode 27 of The Disarming Grannies Of The UK Documentary Series: "Outer Mongolia"

27 September 2012

Campaigning Life Resumes


With the trial over, Helen and Sylvia re-focus their energies on campaigning and decide to surprise RAF Fylingdales by arriving under the cover of darkness to display banners outside the base.  It seems, for now, that their humour, wit and cheeky banter has returned as they battle against the unforgiving conditions of the Yorkshire moors to try, once more, to promote their messages of peace.

To find out more about Fylingdales please visit the official RAF site

To find out more about Yorkshire CND and their campaigns against Fylingdales please click here

For further information and past episodes of this documentary series,  please click on the link provided below:

Disarming Grandmothers

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