Monday, September 17, 2012

Before You Judge Julian Assange Too Harshly, Read This - A Guest Post by Inga of Sweden


Before You Judge Julian Assange Too Harshly,  Read This - A Guest Post by Inga of Sweden

Maybe, maybe, the time has come to talk a little bit about the lenient sex laws in Sweden. To save face we have put out the big lie that Sweden is very tough on sex criminals, almost like we have a no tolerance level with sexual crimes.  I guess it would be better to say that we have a lot of tolerance when it comes to the perpetrators and that we always should feel sorry for them.  In some cases they are too young to understand the meaning of their action. This happens when they are under the age of 21 and one other important factor to mention is whether the person is a first time offender or not. The more crimes a criminal collects the lesser punishment they get since crimes 2, 3 & 4 gets a reduction in sentence time to be served.  Also, they can actually commit a couple of crimes before they have to serve any time locked away.

And there is not much said about the victims, almost never. Guess they will have to deal with their scars and shame alone.

I am sorry to say but the victims carry the burden of proof and that´s a tough task to put on someones shoulders who might have been violated for hours by one or several men.  I guess it is easy for a woman to forget how strong she is during an attack and that she should have used her muscles,  or?

It is pretty clear for all Swedes that have the gift of being able to read and that attended school, that rape or sex without consent is a big no-no. We all know about the legal age, when it is legally allowed to have sex with a minor. But to a seventeen year old man this is nothing, as he knows that not much will happen to him anyhow, if he decides to have sex with a minor aged girl. Now, we have come so far, that the court ruled sexual use of children when a seventeen year old man had consensual sex with a thirteen year old girl. The local newspaper did not even state the sentence so to the best of my understanding he got away with a little or a no jail time.

I read another article under the readers opinion section in the local Metro.  One person asked the judge and the jury members to explain how 8 months in prison could be a fair sentence for a man that during one year violated, frightened and abused his then girlfriend and finally forced her to hang herself “as a proof of love” to her perpetrator.  How can our government even believe that we can trust a legal system like this?

The crimes were so severe, with big variations, well planned into every small detail, that there should be no doubt that there might be a little sadist living inside his body. At least that is how I feel and I think most often. This perpetrator had committed at least one other crime earlier together with his friends.

It is pretty amazing that these types of crimes – sexual violence and rape – almost always end up without any convictions.  It seems like a speech including a big “No” seems to be enough.

There have been plenty of examples in the newspapers throughout the years and most people wonder why the courts are so unwilling to judge men that are using extreme violence on or against women. The only way we women can see it is that men seem to have a legal right to a woman's body.

There is a category of women, there has always been and will always be, women that invite men willingly to their homes and when the performance is not to their liking they just report them to the police.  It is a quick way to avoid their own problems or to get recognition.

Believe it or not but there are women in Sweden with working brain cells!, and we all know that inviting a man into our own homes and/or into our beds will come with a certain kind of risk. We know that we will have to eventually have to deal with the consequences of our actions.

So, the recipe for quick recognition proceeds in three steps:

1.                        Hunt a famous or rich person down and lure him into your bed.
2.                        Call the police a couple of days later with a good story.
3.                        Post part of your story on internet.