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Linda’s Cancer Survivor Story: Root Canals and Cancer

My name is Linda and I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in June of 2010 at the age of 47.

Linda’s Cancer Survivor Story: Root Canals and Cancer

I had surgery and unfortunately and I did chemo. A few months into chemo I started reading books and changed a lot of things. I finished all but one treatment – I did stop early though because of the things I had learned while reading and researching.

I changed my diet to completely vegan, with juicing, I started doing the flax oil and cottage cheese (Budwig Protocol), drinking Essiac Tea, and began seeing a naturopathic doctor who also has medical doctors at his clinic who deal with cancer, and changed my supplements to the best I could buy.

But the thing that I think saved my life was having all of my root canals removed.

I read about it in a book called Outsmart Your Cancer, then I read more in a book calledThe Root Canal Cover Up. Basically what happens is bacteria gets trapped in tiny tubes in the dentin, and the bacteria isn’t harmful, but the toxins that it produces that pour into your body are harmful. Many of  them more powerful than mustard gas.

I went to a holistic dentist who took a 360 degree xray of my head. All of my root canals were infected underneath into the bone. I decided to remove them all. We worked in quadrants of my mouth doing the lower left first, which was the worst.  The last tooth that I had a root canal on was tooth #21, and it had never settled down. That was about 6 months prior to my diagnosis. When that tooth came out, there was a big blob of infection hanging on the root, and he had to work to dig all of the infection out of the bone. All teeth are on a meridian that corresponds with an organ or part of the body.  Tooth #21, corresponds to the ovary (I had ovarian cancer).  My naturopath had me monitoring my ph and it was continually high.  He said something was bothering my body.

The day that tooth came out, my ph went to normal and has remained at normal ever since!!!

I know it seems crazy, but do your research. That was all the proof I needed. It took me a year and a half to get them all done and also remove 2 remaining mercury fillings, so now I am working on detoxing.  Been cancer free for 2 years.


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