Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tyranny Expressed At Western Illinois University

This is an example of tyranny being expressed openly against students at Western Illionois University. It appears to me that this was an opportunity to practice and see just how far the government can go in the violation of peoples freedom and constitutional rights.

When I watched this I wondered if this was a hoax and how this could be possible. It is so far from the America that I grew up in. People would have never allowed this to happen even ten years ago. Is an event like this the result of a fear induced and dumbed down population? I wonder if the parents and those in the surrounding communities have lost all survival instinct and good common sense or if they are speaking up and taking action to protect your children. Have the words, "The Brave and the free" now become the, "Weak and the cowardly"?

I am starting to believe that perhaps the Oathkeepers are the last line of defense against the total destruction of all that was good in American Society and that what is occuring here is what the Founding Fathers warned us and encouraged us to guard against.

This is shameful behavior and should never be allowed in any community.

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