Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Government Paid Millions To Vaccine-Injured Kids - What You Failed To See

A perfect example of how the media can persent an importamt problem and bring in experts paid off by whom?  to twist and turn and downplay when those in power get caught with their pants down.

I read a few weeks back about the vote in Iceland about Icesave and not to give the Brits & Dutch their money back and was almost fooled into thinking that democracy had taken place and the will of the people was followed.  Later I went to Icelanic newspapers and found out it was all symbolic and the Icelandic citizens and taxpayers still had to payback a great deal of money to the banksters who robbed them not once, but twice.  What a world we live in in which the wealthy take no risks and get the greatest gains while the ones who aren't even let in on any decisions are left to pay the bills and pick up the mess and at the same time make us feel good with rigged elections.  This is the same pattern I see with this vaccination video.  Here is a comment I left at another blog that posted the above youtube video to further illustrate my point:


It’s a shame that an important message was so twisted by appearing as if justice was done while at the same time advocating vaccines. Another media shell game.

Have we become so dumbed downed by drugs, vaccines, poisoned food, and media distractions that we cannot see through this message that confuses rather than gets to the truth of the matter.

When I was young a majority of people could see right through carnival games, but now most buy into these media generated pr campaigns that downplay serious problems and leave people so confused that they are not actually sure what really happened. Well, confuse & conquer is the stategy of the day to take the responsiblity away from the ones who are doing the damage.

This is so common and allowed as our health and quality of life continues to decline.



Aragorn said...

Visiting your site through Nimmy's... What you say is very true. May it be America, England or India, money does play an important role. its a pity that the ones having money can do whatever they want, with their resources while at the same time, the media which ideally should guard the freedom of the people ends up being a pawn in their hands... Pitiful indeed...


Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Aragon:

Welcome to my blog and thanks for stopping by. You are spot on with your comment. Yes, pitiful and shameful.

Greed has no boundaries. All Lands suffer from this infliction or infection might be a better word. In the west in the 18th century there was a belief in the Common Good of Man, now this has been replaced by a new doctrine, the Common Greed and it rules all nations.

Kindest regards,

Toyin O. said...

Thanks for sharing:)

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Toyin O.:

You are very welcome Toyin and thanks for stopping by.

Have yourself a lovely Wednesday wherever you may be.

Kind regards,