Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nine Year Old Serverely Handicapped Girl Punished For Her Fathers Crime

This is the story that shows me that the Swedish government has reached a new low in common sense and human  decency and must be having a mental and emotional breakdown and I beginning to wonder just who the handicapped ones are after reading the article below.  These events are not unusual and are very common today.

 The Swedish National Health Insurance Office could be capable of demanding that a 9 year old serverely handicapped child pay for the crimes of her parents in their attempt to cheat the taxpayers out of personal assistence funds.  My wife was kind enough to translate it into English for me.

Fathers Cheating With Assistence Benefit Can Give  Nine Year Old Millions in Debt

A nine year old girl is threatened to a debt of half a million SEK because her father has cheated with assistance, reports the Echo today.

The girl has been granted personal assistants because of their physical disability.

Both parents have been her Assistants and received payment for it.

The father has lived in his home country for extended periods while he had been paid as an assistant, while the mother has handled all the assistance alone.

Now the child is liable to be the one who becomes responsible for repayment for her fathers aleged faudulent actions..

- It is totally absurd, "says Karl Arne Ockell, commissioner of the county police in the province of Halland, the Swedish Radio SR.

Police said the girl does not need more than one assistant and that's why she is liable to repay.

- If the father can to be foreign and his wife is able to take care of the child so of course the child needs only one assistant, says Ockell to Ekot.

The debt is growing because of  the interest on the debt and according to the police it can amount to a million dollars when the girl turns 20.

Here is the article in Swedish (på svenska)  for all Swedish readers:

Since my comment was not allowed at the link above, I will post it here:

Have you Swedes reached a new low in the lack of all good common sense and personal resonsibility.

Mike Hopkins


Leif Erlingsson said...

Other indicators of accelerating dehumanization in Sweden includes recent stories in the newspapers about requests for Ambulance being denied leading to a number of preventable deaths. Probably everything was done by the book, but obviously with zero intuitive intelligence. The robotization continues...

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Leif:

Thanks for your comment and I'm glad that a Swede commented on this subject. Yes, there are many examples of this dehumanization of Swedish society which is also a worldwide problem. Things don't function so well because people just don't function so well anymore along with an increase in dishonesty and a lack of ethics exhibited by so many today. You can pick your country and will see similar events, athough it would be huighly unlikely that a 9 year old would be punished for the crimes of the parents.