Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fighting For Food Freedom In Maine, USA

Here is an article I found at Global Research Canada about the fight for food sovereignty in the State of Maine in the United States.  It's not going good for them, but at least their is a small population of citizens living there who are fighting for their right to have good quality food that promotes good health and to own their own small family farms.  This is not just an American problem, but one that is worldwide and is getting to the point of our total lost of freedom to decide for ourselves what paths we will take in life and having the ability to choose the food products of our choice that haven't been tampered with or poisoned for profit. 

I will give part of the article which also contains many links to interesting information for all those interested in healthy and wholesome food and preserving our right of choice not to be posioned by Food Industry giants who are pulling the strings of the politicians and  driven by profit rather than concerns for human health.  

Food Freedom and Family Farm

Home Rule takes a beating as Maine defeats food freedom bills

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