Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Message For All Who Will Listen - Spring, 2011

Heaven Meets Earth by Lovell D'souza

I have been back writing and these words came to me to be shared with all who will listen.  I will call it a Spring message as it comes at a time of renewal as we move into the warmer summer months.  I do hope that you enjoy not just the words but the feelings that awaken within you as you read.  Enjoy.

A Message For All Who Will Listen

Yes, a message for all.  All who will listen to our words.

We have come to a time in the history of Mankind when Heaven joins with the Earth for the completion of one cycle and the beginning of another.  One in which Mankind has learned the lessons of co-operation and co-working together for the advancement of not only community, but for the advancement of the species.

All species but Man are now connected to the Earth and live within a balanced system of co-operation.  Man is last to learn the art of balance and connection from heart to heart.

In your arrogance you have forgotten your place in the scheme of things or the ways of the natural world.  You have also forgotten your connection to one another and to the Divine.

Now, balance returns again to Man.  In the process toward this, chaos will appear to exist, yet this is nothing more than a re-ordering or re-establishing of human community comprised of individuals with the ability to empathise and join together in common goals that work toward a common good.  A common good forgotten by many, yet preserved by a few.

Now, is the time to touch to your individual goodness and then join with the goodness in others to create a Common Good to be shared by all inhabitants of your planet.

This will occur in time.  The force of its creation cannot be stopped.  For momentum has built up now to one that demands the expression of Good.  All will be caught up in the force of this wave, none can escape its arrival to your world.

Fear not and know that its creation was the sum of countless dreams and prayers and well wishes and its time has come to wash away the tears and fears and the sadness of many.

Where once there were a few, now we have many willing and able to create in harmony in a new harmonic.  A sound wave that will shatter all existing structures and make the way for the way of the heart.

A new heart now beats in unison with Heaven and with Earth.  It draws upon the power and magnitude of both, yet keeps its individual expression.  A heart new formed from the darkness of the past, transformed and transmuted in the fire of Love.

Love unfolds and expresses Itself once again within the hearts of many.  Adjust and re-adjust your frequencies to the harmonics of Earth and those of Heaven.

For a song will be heard again.  One that brings with it the joy of creation within the joy in living.

Listen and feel and know that it has arrived to your heart as you have read these words.

Now, it is done.

©  M.N. Hopkins


Goddess Aphrodite said...

Yes...thank-you so much for this wonderful confirmation. :)

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Goddess:

I'm glad that I could be of service and thank you for your kind words.

Take care and have a lovely weekend,

Magnus said...

Thank you for this gift :-)

This was one of very few contradictions of the future which had a very calming and fearless effect. I reflected of this message for a couple of days ago, when sitting in a traffic jam in a busy and stressful city and saw all the "creations" (or rather disasters...) mankind has created, and how much I longed to be somewhere els than in a car cue... So I thought about this message and of course it sounds logic that things will and have to change, but why fear these common changes... and after all - even if mankind do fear "change" and so called natural disasters - makings us afraid to lose our work, our finances and what other material and "secure" things we "have". But after all - what is it that we are holding on to so tight - how much happiness is their in this societeis of cities and our industrialized countries and our so-called well-fare, and how many people are indeed happy? So maybe there is time for mankind for a joyous welcome and bright curios longing for this future changes to come then indeed it must lead to something better than what we have today. Isn't it funny, that we people tend to fear so much - fear of worldly and earthly change and fear of whatever change might happen in our life, is what we truly inside of our heart truly is longing for...

Just a reflection - any other who has any thoughts about it?