Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Surviving Japan『生き残り日本』原発事故の被災地ドキュメンタリ - by Chris Noland

この映像の多くは、日本語のシーンです Inside story - An American Volunteer living in Japan suddenly finds himself Inside the 2011 Japanese Tsunami relief and nuclear crisis.

A critical look at how the authorities handled the nuclear crisis and Tsunami relief by an American who volunteered in the clean-up.

Surviving Japan is a documentary by volunteer and director Chris Noland. It is in short, a documentary of the devastating events in Japan and the after-math that followed.

The documentary shows the humanitarian and aid crisis that faced the people in the wake of both natural and nuclear disaster. It features true stories from those affected by the disaster, the government and even TEPCO. It highlights the struggle in dealing with: The Tsunami clean-up, lack of Government response to the disaster, radiation plus the future of nuclear power after the accident, a possible Cover-up of the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear disaster, and an uncooperative Government that dismisses legitimate health concerns while providing the citizens with little to no information about the effects the disaster would have on their future.
"The continuance of using such finite energy resources will only produce limited results for a limited number, leaving the rest of the world out of the equation." - C. Noland

This movie is not just for Japan, it is for the world.

I started this project as a volunteer after the Great East Japan Earthquake. Aside from the obvious wake-up call received by the nuclear accident was that of the massive debris. This debris is mostly from our consumer culture and non-renewable lifestyles we live on earth today, one the earth cannot sustain forever.

The Aim is to inform, educate and change. I have gathered interviews from the ground up. From Tsunami refugee denied food and aid, to Government Officials, to even TEPCO.

This same Bureaucracy is the one that keeps us from renewable energy and peace on earth. This documentary is not just for Japan, it is for the world, because if we do not make change, we will not have one.

Source of Picture:   http://www.dianuke.org/collapse-of-the-nuclear-empire-double-or-quits-for-nuclear-business/

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