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Heart - A Book by Helena Roerich - Free Download

This is a book I first read many years ago and found it to be truly inspirational and it's author a true visionary.  It's the type of book that one can pick up and read through often and each time it opens up one to new insights.

I am including the link to the free download of this book along with the entire list of  books being offered in English.  If you wish to read it in hard cover, I have included contact information.  This book has been published in English, Latvian, Russian and Spanish in hard copy.

I have ordered several books from the Agni Yoga Society in New York before and found them to be very pleasant to do business with.

I personally have read several of the books that they offer and highly recommend them to any seeker of wisdom. 

Heart - A Book by Helena Roerich - 1932

After our daily labors, let us gather to discourse about the heart. It will lead us beyond the domains of Earth toward the Subtle World, in order to bring us closer to the sphere of Fire.

"To behold with the eyes of the heart; to listen with the ears of the heart of the roar of the world; to peer into the future with the comprehension of the heart; to remember the cumulations of the past through the heart; thus must one impetuously advance upon the path of ascent. Creativeness encompasses the fiery potentiality, and is impregnated with the sacred fire of the heart. Therefore, upon the path to the Hierarchy, upon the path of Great Service, upon the path of Communion, synthesis is the one luminous path of the heart. How can the manifested rays be radiated if the flame is not affirmed in the heart? It is precisely the quality of the magnet that is inherent in the heart. The highest creativeness is imbued with this great law. Hence, each consummation, each union, each great cosmic unification is achieved through the flame of the heart. By what means can the foundation of the great steps be laid? Verily, only through the heart. Thus the arcs of consciousness are fused by the flame of the heart.  Thus, we shall keep in memory the beauteous attraction of the magnet of the heart, which links all manifestations. Verily, the silver thread that links the Teacher with the disciple is the great magnet of the heart. The union between Teacher and disciple affirms the essence of all evolutions."

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