Monday, January 30, 2012

Ho'o pono pono - A Gift Of Reconciliation and Forgiveness

This is a video with beautiful music and many beautiful images.  This one is well worth 6 minutes of your time.  Enjoy.

This video is created to clear your subconscious of negative memories. While you are watching this video you will be erasing negative memories from your subconscious by using Sound, Images and Ho'o pono pono. What is Ho'o pono pono? Ho'o pono pono is an ancient hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness.

I Love You
I Am Sorry
Please Forgive Me
Thank You

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✿France✿ said...

COUCOU et bien j'adore cette musique et tu as raison ma tête est vide quel bonheur
adieu mes soucis
Alors merci

John M said...

Another excellent video! I'm going to put this link on my blog.
Thank you.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Yes John M.:

It was truly beautiful and left me with a good feeling after viewing. This is one that can be watched over and over.

Here is another one. I believe that this will heighten one's creativity if you listen to it 2 or 3 times in a day. Try it. Everyone is differnet but it worked for me. The mind is more amazing than many believe.

Take care and your support by posting a link to this video is much appreciated,

sm said...

nice video

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello France.

I'm happy to hear this. Sorry for the dely to answer you. My wife who understands french just told me what you said.

Happy day.


Magnus said...

I watch this very beautiful video now - it was a very good feeling about it - tahnk you!!