Saturday, January 7, 2012

Don't Forget: Protect IP

January 3, 2011

Fight the PROTECT IP ACT Being voted on by the Senate Jan 24, 2012:

Call your Congressman/Woman:

Sign the PIPA Petition:

Here are the steps you can take to combat the Stop Online Piracy Act:

1.Call Your Congressman/Congresswoman:

What to say to them:

Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME] and I am a constituent of the Senator.

I think S. 968, the PROTECT IP Act, is a bad idea, and I hope the Senator will stand against it.

PROTECT IP is overbroad, and could be used as a tool for online censorship. Further, it creates a bad precedent internationally for fragmenting the Internet.

Thank you for your consideration, and for acting against this dangerous bill.

2. Censor Your blogs/websites in protest:

3. Post a picture of yourself to show that "You work for the internet":


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