Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 - A New Year Begins As The Old One Ended

January 1, 2012 - A New Year Begins As The Old One Ended

A new year begins as the old one ended.  A new year for new beginnings and new movements.

Let Love be the theme and the directing force of all endeavors.  Let Love light the way for many this year.

Join together and cease these divisions and conflicts where none should exist.

Accept the best parts of your humanity and be not deceived by those of old whom have lost their way. For they shall be exposed this year and much will be revealed that was hidden before this time.

Generations will join together to build the foundation for a new tomorrow.  East and West will join as will North and South and people will no longer see and concentrate upon their differences, but will see and comncentrate upon that which will bring them together.  Us and Them will cease to exist for many as "We" becomes the theme that will bring about great changes within human community.

No longer divided by color or speech or myth, but now united by heart, the great equalizer and contributor for the good upon this planet.

You think us foolish or that we have come to deceive or conquer you.  No, we have not come to incite violence or to divide the races.  We have instead come to help and to enrich your human experience.

A new direction, a new concentration of intent shall occur due to a physical phenomom of great magnitude.  A wave of energy comes to your planet from the Sun and shakes and disrupts the current communication structures.

A wave so great and so powerful as to collapse that which has imprisoned you for these countless centuries.

Love arrives and sets your world aflame, then comes the waters to cleanse and to nuture your Earth's surface.

Those who can adjust and adapt will be the new leaders upon your Earth.  The weak and corruptable will not survive.  They will cling to the structures of old and be cruched by them.

The structures of new will be built that enhance and enrich not only the Earth, but all of it's inhabitants.

Technologies before kept secret will now be revealed and used for the betterment of Mankind.  These technologies will free Man to explore and enrich himself and find his true meaning for being upon this Earth of yours.

Mankind will be awakened again to It's inherent strength, wisdom and goodness that has for too long been neglected.

For, in a sense 2012 will be the end of the world as you know it, but not in the way that has been prophesied by those of fear.

No, the true Prophets come with a message of Love, of co-operation, of growth in kindness and love.  These are the true harbingers of faith and leaders into a new tomorrow.

All others have been directed by the weakness and fear of their ego selves, rather than from the strength and courage of their Divinity being expressed through their human vessels.

Know the difference and rely upon your heart's goodness that expresses an intelligence and wisdom far beyond the capacity of the human mind.

Listen to your hearts breathe and in the silence of the moment come to a clarity of Self or Soul direction and let Good or Goodness be your guide through your life's journey as ego takes a back seat to observe and learn as was it's orginal intention from the beginning.

We know of your doubts that a change can come about that is so overwheming as to change the very foundation of your current systems of existence.

We say to all who will listen.  It can and it has and it will come about for many as it has come about for a few in your Earth's past.

This is the point in your human evolution in which past and future intersect in the Now of Creation.  From the Now all is possible and all can ne actualized into existence.

Now, feel the truth of our words and come to your own Now.  Be not afraid, but be within yourSelf and It's loving embrace.

Now, Love surrounds and fills you and with It comes a faith in Yourself and in God's Grace.

Yes, Grace has visited you this day and left you whole for the moment.

Balanced and at peace within yourself and with all living things upon your world.

This balance is the coming together or the joining of the Love of the Divine and the Love of the Earth together as One.

This is the power that transforms and awakens and enlivens human community and all it's inhabitants.

The ego only has access to the power of the Earth and this has cause Mankind great imbalance.  A power without peace, without wholeness, without balance.  A power that reigns over and divides and destroys all that gets in it's path.  That sets Man against Man and betrays all that is good within your humanity.

Now, has the Divine joined it's power with that of the Earth and the great imbalances are gone.  Gone is the pain, the sadness, the hurt of a thousand lifetimes of futility and disappointment.

Now, strength and wisdom return to Man and faith in Self and faith in God is restored.  Man returns to his natural state of living within a state of Grace. 

Now, Love and Kindness are expressed and a great healing occurs.  Mankind finds not only the individual heart, but their communal heart.

Joy returns and Mankind again thrives upon your planet.

The power of the heart has now taken the place over the power of the mind.  Now, directed by Love through a Soul connection that connects one to All of Creation or what some call, the Creator.

Fear of the darkness has fled as Love of the Light returns.

Not a return to Eden, but a return to Ourselves and to the Creator of All that is alive.

Now, be at peace and flourish upon the Land.

© 2012 M.N. Hopkins


Anonymous said...

Wow! This is a nice read.. Kinda long but worth every word. I'm gonna share it on Twitter.. hope that's okay. :)

Happy 2012. :)

Pam Bickell said...

Wow, Mike, what a message! Sounds like the 'correcting time' will be intense, yet a foundation will be left upon which Love can build. 2012 is here!
Thanks for sharing this,

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Pam:

Thanks for your kind words.

Best wishes,

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Leah:

I'm glad you liked the writing. Yes, it's very OK to share it on twitter or anywhere else you might wish to.

Kindest & warmest regards,

Anonymous said...

Lovely message; I came to know all of that in my heart as I saw the Mountain lit up - The PINEAL ENLIGHTENMENT...
Yes, POWER without LOVE is not supported by LIFE and hence imbalance...
POWER with LOVE is empowerment from within, each-ONE...
well written, yet beyondly, from your HEART, I SEE...
what you say/write/do speaks about YOU... hmm...

and so it is...
take good care of you Brother,


Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello SJ:

Glad you could feel the message and truly understand it.

Best wishes,

Magnus said...

Absolutely amazing. Very interesting to read - and those of us not totally in the state of love and joy, I feel a balance point between a little bit of fear, but a huge amount of curiosity... Wow, to be alive in this certain age. When listen to the heart - everything will be good...

And for those of you, who might feel a rush of fear when reading this: Take an objective view of our lives and our planet earth - is that how good life on earth could be, are we living in joy, bliss and peace...? It's just the ego that is afraid for change... I can sense the little voice of fear in myself as well ;-) But it's just to shake it off and choose the way of love and joy of life...

Thank you for this message Mike :)