Thursday, July 31, 2014

Come Back To Your Good Senses - A Discourse by M.N. Hopkins


We say today that there is far too much fear now upon your planet. This fear spawns odd behavior. That which was rational is less available. Fantasy and cruel images are demanded by Man. It is a loss of good sense that drives the current paradigms.

Yes, a lack of vision as well as a lack of willingness to forge ahead and prepare others for the coming days of tribulation. This is due to the vast lack of leadership, the total lack of real solutions and the mass hysteria that passes for reality when in fact, humankind has lost all connection to the real reasons for being.

Sacrifice is no longer honored. Instead we find ego gratification and glorification of prime importance.

The warriors have left the battle field and the looters have replaced them to take all that is unworthy of honor and all that is unworthy for the survival of Mankind.

A taking from others with no concern for the consequences of your actions. Brothers become enemies as they war over territory, resources and the worlds' monetary funding.

False Bankers within their false Banks have a strangle hold on the world economy. Taking tax money and in return, suffering for many will and has occurred.

Discontent grows and violence ensues, but the violence is instigated by the bankers themselves through their policing forces paid for with the tax payers' money.

So, the slaves to the system finance their own enslavement. This is madness indeed and unnecessary if only people could see clearly and stand resolute together and no longer feed the beast their life blood and life energy.

Come back to your good senses and see clearly what you have become and what you could be if only you would.

© M.N. Hopkins

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