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My Gardasil Survivor by Kate from Sydney, Australia

Gardasil Survivor
Kate's daughter, GS


Australia: My Gardasil Survivor

by Kate
from Sydney
Sane Vax, Inc.,    22 July 2014
I am the fortunate one.
I am the Mother of a brilliant, intelligent, empathetic, and wise beyond her years young woman.
We live in Sydney, Australia, with her Dad, little brother, and little sister.
I will call her G.S.
As in Gardasil Survivor. 
Golden girl.
My first born.
Ridiculously talented.
Ridiculously wise.
Ridiculously beautiful inside and out.
Like all our children, ridiculously loved.
She remains so.
However now, she is ridiculously ill. 
G.S. is the type of person that everyone loves.
Pre-Gardasil, everyone celebrated her accomplishments with us.
Athletics champ.
Singing voice to die for.
The courage to sing a solo on the stage of the Sydney Opera House in front of a 600 strong choir.
She was just ten years old. 
School Captain in Primary School.
Primary School Dux.
The stuff we are lead to believe dream kids are made of.
More than I can even begin with here.
You get the picture. 
When G.S. was in her first year of High School, I gave my consent for her to receive the Gardasil vaccine.
I totally believed that I was protecting her.
I did not, however, research the side effects of this particular vaccine prior to giving my consent.
Put bluntly, I bought the hype. 
Hind sight screams at me daily. 
We now live with the consequences of that decision.
Worst of all, my daughter has been forced to endure what she now has to go through because of that decision.
The effects of toxicity.
The myelin depletion in her brain, made evident in the results of an MRI during her first hospital admission.
Cue the auto-immune disease diagnosis.
And then the P.A.N.D.A.S. one.
Welcome chronic depression into the mix.
Suicidal ideation.
Low blood pressure.
Muscle and joint pain.
EEGs to capture seizures.
Inability to eat and drink, or care to do anything.
Having to be constantly motivated to move, speak or participate in her own life.
Sleeping on a mattress outside her bedroom door at night to protect her from herself.
Hiding and locking up all knives and sharps for the very real fear of suicide.
Being too unwell to continue High School or complete H.S.C.
Feeling less than adequate because of it.
A revolving door of hospital admissions.
Fear, pain, anguish, guilt. 
There is so much more.
There continues to be so much more.
There is no magic bullet.
There is only on-going management, not cure.
We have been forced to accept a new brand of normal
Much of it is simply not easy.
We are, however, entirely committed to making our girl’s quality of life all that it should, and could be. 
We are four years post Gardasil now.
We continue with the battle.
Our G.S continues with her battles.
We have no choice. There are no options.
Every day.
There are so many other issues and concerns that I could outline here, but these are some that I hope you might consider.
Do inform yourself about the possible side effects in relation to the Gardasil vaccine.
Check out the product insert and look at the ingredients in the vaccine.
Weigh up the side effects very carefully.
Assess the general health of your child, and consider the impact of this vaccine in terms of your own child’s genetic predisposition which may or may not result in the manifestation of particular illnesses, syndromes or conditions.
Clearly understand that the Gardasil vaccine is affording it’s marketers a massive amount of monetary profit.
With no proven efficacy. 
The thing is, most parents that have given consent for the administration of this vaccine to their children are not crazy hippie, weirdoes, or ill-informed ant-vaxxers.
Be prepared for mainstream media and most doctors to characterize you that way should you refuse this vaccine.
Sadly, governments, and profit driven pharmaceutical companies would like to paint us in that way.
Because it is to their benefit.
It is also much easier, safer and convenient for us and them for everyone to go with the flow.
It is simply not the case.
It is simply untrue.
Do not be intimidated.
The co-incidence argument is also tiresome and unfounded.
What an incredibly hard lesson we have learned. 
If only I could turn back time.


Did Not Recover7,111
Abnormal Pap Smear572
Cervical Dysplasia243
Cervical Cancer78
Life Threatening640
Emergency Room11,705
Extended Hospital Stay251
Adverse Events35,270

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