Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Health Benefits Of Boneset (Eupatorium Perfoliatum)

BONESET, Eupatorium perfoliatum

Strangely enough, this boneset herb has nothing to do with a broken bone. This is another herb that was introduced to us from our friends, the Native American Indians. They used it to fight flu and fevers. When they tried to describe the terrible pain that was felt in the bones and the muscles from the fever of influenza, they called it “break bone fever.” This fever make you feel like your bones were breaking. From this name “break bone fever” the name modified to “boneset.”

Boneset is a perennial plant that grows to about four or five feet tall with hairy stalks that branch at the top. The flowers are purplish-white and grow in compound umbels or clusters that bloom in June and July. The plant is very unusual looking, you see it you never forget it. It looks like a stalk of the plant is growing up through each leaf. The large leaves look wrinkled and grow in opposite pairs and are united at their base around the stock of the plant or clasping. The leaves are lance shaped or pointed at each end, and serrated on the edges and have prominent veins and are rough above and downy and resinous beneath. Because it looks like the stock of the plant has perforated every leaf. Now the genus of this plant was named after an ancient Roman King of Pontus named Mithridates Eupator or Eupatorim. He was an herbalist and supposedly one of the first to use this plant.

The Native Americans say the way to overcome sickness, like a cold, the flu, chills and fever, jaundice, sore throat, cholera, malaria or influenza is to sweat. The way to sweat is to drink a lot of hot boneset tea. A fever and sweating is very important to a sick body. That’s why the Native Americans had sweat lodges. Sweating helps the body to get rid of poisons through the skin.

Boneset has many other names that describe it more clearly. Two of these names are sweat plant and fever wort or fever herb. It is one of the best plants that there is if you have a fever. When you have a dry fever it is like being caught out in the hot desert without any water. You burn up from the outside as well as the inside. In fact, a fever becomes very dangerous when it is a dry fever and the person does not sweat.

That is why another name for this plant is “sweat plant.” If you have a dry fever some hot boneset tea will usually cause a person to sweat. When you sweat you cool the body down and you sweat out a lot of toxins. This cools of the body and gets rid a lot of poisons. In the hot dry desert, most everything dies. In the hot moist jungle, everything lives and grows profusely.

Dr Christopher used to say to us, “Cold is death, heat is life, but it must be moist heat.” If you want to overcome a fever, learn to use hot boneset tea, hot yarrow tea, or hot elder flower and peppermint tea. They will really make you sweat.
When we exercise we raise our body temperature and we sweat. We also manufacture white blood cells to help the immune system.

During the First World War millions of people died from the dreaded influenza. If it were not for the herb boneset, many more would have died. However, many did not know about boneset and many others did not have the faith to use this wonderful herb.

A man who had arthritis got the Asian flu. His doctor said he had muscular rheumatism and he couldn’t do much to help him. The man was in terrible pain. Someone brought him boneset tea and told him to drink a lot of it. It caused him to sweat profusely. Soon he felt a whole lot better. Strangely enough, after that, his arthritis seemed to be a lot better. Grow some boneset, it’s easy to grow. You’ll be glad you did.

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