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Grassroots: After GMO Labeling Prop Shot Down, Citizens Start Labeling Themselves by Anthony Gucciardi

1. Download image template here
2. Print out labels on 1.5″ x 1.5″ print-to-the-edge square label sheets.If you want bigger labels see above for 2′x2′ label template .(you can find label sheets  at any office supply store)
3. GMO- identification guidelines can be downloaded here or viewed here. Please read before labeling, to make sure you know what to label.  Guidelines can be printed on the back of the label sheet for reference.
5. Go to your local super market, and look for products that may contain GMOs

Grassroots: After GMO Labeling Shot Down, Citizens Start Labeling Themselves

by Anthony Gucciardi

Natural Society,   15 November 2012

Activists and concerned citizens around the world have had enough with corrupt corporations censoring their right to know what’s in their food, and frankly they’re beyond upset. And if the government will not side with the 90 plus percentage of consumers who are in favor of GMO labeling, then they’re going to do it themselves.

As it turns out, many are doing just that through the ‘DIY’ GMO labeling campaign known as ‘The Label It Yourself Campaign’. Sporting a skull with cornstalks for crossbones, the DIY labels inform customers as to whether or not a product ‘may’ include GMO ingredients or most certainly does.

Below is one label taken from the campaign website that activists are now placing on products found in grocery stores, homes of friends and family (to incite discussion), and just about everywhere else:

People Will Not Stand for Corporate Food Lies Any Longer

With 80% or more of many staple crops like corn and soybeans already genetically modified, there is a large chance that most products containing these ingredients (or deriviatives) does indeed contain GMOs. Even more so for highly processed high-fructose corn syrup and other harmful ingredients which are arguably modified 100% of the time. You can print out the labels from the campaign website and stick them on products for yourself.

With a lack of real GMO labeling thanks to dirty tricks by pro-GMO groups like No on 37, grassroots initiatives are the only methods of alerting the public to what they are putting into their mouths. Pro-GMO campaigns have impersonated and illegally used the FDA seal, posed as phony cop and democrat groups, and poured more than $45 million into keeping consumers into the dark.

Now, citizens are fighting back through peaceful grassroots initiatives. As a picture from one Treehugger blog shows, consumers are honestly labeling processed foods across the shelves of international grocers: 

As for the legal aspect? The Label It Yourself Campaign states:
At the moment, the law protects misinformation and private property above truth-telling, and public well-being…”
Meanwhile, corporations like Monsanto continue to pump out GMOs that have been time and time again linked to disease, environmental disaster, and even the center of ‘slave labor‘ issues. When government legislation is shot down through corruption, it becomes a grassroots responsibility to take action and make a real change.


Natural Society

1. Descargar archivo para impresión de etiquetas  de 2′x2′ acá.
2. Imprimir archivo de etiquetas en papel autoadhesivo (este papel lo puede encontrar en cualquier papelería)
3. La guía para identificar que productos pueden contener transgénicos (OMG) puede ser descargada  aquí o vista aquí. Asegurese de leer esta guía antes de etiquetar,  para saber cuales son los productos que pueden contener transgénicos. Esta guía puede ser impresa en la parte de atras de la página de autoadhesivos para tener como referencia.
5. Vaya a la tienda o supermercado busque los productos que pueden contener transgénicos

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