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EU Flu Vaccine Bans Still Go Unreported

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EU Flu Vaccine Bans Still Go Unreported

Child Health Safety,  1 November 2012

One weak news report of the UK flu vaccine ban has appeared in one mainstream UK national newspaper – the Telegraph by Health Editor Rebecca Smith.  Smith’s report ignores the developments in the EU and in Canada [reported on CHS - links below].  Smith reports “the recall should not affect supplies” and seems not to have sought independent expert comment on the safety issues just accepting the official line: Thousand of flu vaccines recalled Telegraph Rebecca Smith, Medical Editor 31 Oct 2012.

In contrast the UK General Medical Practitioner newspaper Pulse reports concern about the supply problems – also without considering further any safety issues or seeking independent expert comment – quoting GP sources Pulse reports:

"Any reduction in flu vaccine available is a problem in the UK as the various vaccine manufacturers have tried hard to supply the Crucell practices with enough vaccine to carry out the Government influenza immunisation programme.
‘The Novartis withdrawal is worrying, but it may not significantly affect our immunisation programme if the other vaccine manufacturers can make up the numbers.
‘More worrying is the fact that the DH has not come forward with offer of vaccines to Practices from its reserves, if they indeed exist."
By Emma Wilkinson
Two publicly anonymous comments on the Pulse story by registered commenters each independently claim they got sick after the vaccine.  Here are the comments as they appear with the Pulse report:

Anonymous | 31 October 2012 4:39pm
"So does this mean the vaccine would be ineffective if already given? mmmm had the flu jab begining of Oct and then been laid up with flu for last 3weeks, another strain?"

Anonymous | 31 October 2012 6:13pm
"Same as first comment, was advised to have as front line staff but have been laid up since and know of others off sick, also I now have headaches and wooziness, will never have again!"

Child Health Safety 

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