Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Warning From Access Now: Yahoo Mail Isn’t Safe

Yahoo! Mail isn’t safe but their executives aren’t doing anything about it. 
Yahoo doesn’t use HTTPS encryption technology to protect the privacy of it's users. Meaning every email sent to and from a Yahoo! address in a web browser is out in the open, unprotected from hackers, governments, or anyone who uses widely available tools to break into these vulnerable email accounts. Even if you don’t use Yahoo! Mail - the privacy of your emails are at high-risk of being exposed.
“It’s coming." That’s what Yahoo! said to us 3 years ago. Yahoo! has a new CEO and board who are trying to put their stamp on the organization. This is our moment to ask Yahoo!: What could possibly be more important than the safety and security of their email platform?  Click the link below and demand that Yahoo! takes the security of their hundreds of millions of users seriously, and switch to HTTPS.
Along with our repeated requests to Yahoo!, Access and 30 civil society groups from around the world recently wrote a letter to Yahoo!'s new CEO Marissa Mayer, asking her to implement HTTPS¹. But still, no word. 
During this time, their main competitors, Gmail and Microsoft have started supporting HTTPS. That leaves Yahoo! as one of the remaining major email services that doesn't use HTTPS. Not to mention, Yahoo! doesn't even allow for encrypted search, further demonstrating how behind Yahoo! is.
CEO after CEO has kicked this can down the road, and their inaction has significant security implications for anyone coming into contact with a Yahoo! account. This includes the emails of many at-risk activists around the world, whose email accounts are under assault on a daily basis from repressive regimes.
We all deserve privacy, but Yahoo! isn't giving it to us. Click the link below to tell Yahoo!'s new CEO and their board to respect their users and implement HTTPS. Act now, and we'll deliver your signature to their board before their next meeting.
For an open internet,
The Access Team

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