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Calm In The Storm: Through The Eye Of The Turbulence - A Guest Post by Jyothis Chrystallis Orthonis

We are in the Earth-Changes, Dear ONEs... The Weather intensifies... where there is imbalance, the BALANCE is brought this re-Calibration...
We are broken open unto this P-R-E-P-A-R-A-T-O-R-Y ** T-R-A-N-S-I-T-I-O-N...
The choices of positive actions will last far longer than the sensationalizing N-E-W-S / North-East-West-South with no CORE that reports of the negative,
and this compassion that is generated for them is actually going into, and staying within, Gaia...
It is how we respond to our OWN, this alone being The RESPONSIBILITY, The Ability-to-RESPOND...
with Fear-as-Not-YOU or with Compassion-as-YOU...
Compassion contains acceptance of what-is, which amplifies less-ness of the intensity...
Fear has resistance to what-is, which magnifies and gravitates what ONE fears...
In FEAR that you generate, YOU remain unlit...and Absent...
* Bring forth your Total PRESENCE, and BE fully PRESENT with your whole BE-ingness... *
* This is GAEA responding to The Hue'Man Consciousness changing...
Here is a Water-Cycle fixation going on for Planet Earth...
in which all other Elements complement, co-operate, co-create the Balance of this Re-Calibration...
Oh, we have a full moon in EARTH-WATER signs of Taurus-Scorpio...
provides a good balance. Where Scorpio wants to heat things up, Taurus wants to cool things down.
While Scorpio wants deep emotions, Taurus wants deep roots.
The Moon is a nurturing principle and provides a container around you so that you feel protected and safe.
With the Moon in Taurus, that protection can be very solid and grounded,
holding you so closely that your emotional life can settle down and find a way to express itself...
begin to adjust your lives, or will you cling to the old and try to fight, or gamble with this new paradigm of weather?

The message of today is :

 * to re-Awaken the Relationship with Mother Nature, the Gaia source...
the intensity and locations of volcanic activity and earthquakes are alterable with this relationship to Gaia...
 * Honor The Land and Take Permission and Give Gratitude for all things you consume of therein...
 * Honor all elements in their inter-play in contribution to Nature's Balance...
 * Look at the majesty and the light that is there in Nature... Feel the self-worth...
 * A Total Eclipe of the Sun is Coming
 * It Will Create a Extremely Important Aperature
* It is A Portal that will Occur Between November 10 & 16
 * It is a Total Eclipse of the Heart
 * It is the Balancing of the Planet with the Divine Feminine Energy of the Hathor Awakening
 * Calling All Beings to Receive the Energy of the Goddess November 10-11-2012 2012- Hathor Activation
Completion of the Venus Transit - Divine Feminine Balancing thru the Hathor Portal
Calling All Goddesses, Gods & Angels - Be Proactive !!!
 * Balance the Planetary Energies...Starting with Self
Anchoring the Divine Feminine Influx...
Planetary Balance-Divine Hathor
The ideal for the planet is balance in perfection.
As such it is a Divine Equity of that termed Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine that is requisite for the parity of equilibrium.
So it is the exquisite balance of both, for integral Divine Humans are in true origin source, both and neither.
It is only in duality that gender application occurs.
Yet it is the energy of the Divine Feminine that is needed to balance the planet for the NEW EARTH to achieve balance.
The Eclipse of November 2012, will open a Hathorian Portal of the Divine Feminine.
Lovingly integrate The Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine to consciously & actively participate in this portal opening
through receiving, anchoring, activating the BALANCE within...
it begins with each individual balancing by receiving the Feminine Influx and disseminating it from one heart to another, encapsulating the planet.
Join Together as ONE In The HEART OF THE DOVE.
Powerful Divine Timing !
The Hathor Awakening is Embellished by 3 Stunning Energy Amplifiers
* Energy of the Total Solar Eclipse ( occurring on Nov 13 New Moon) - with peak energetic window from Nov 10-16)
* November 11/12, 2012, North Taurids Meteor Shower
* November 16/17, 2012 - The Leonids
Radiating from the constellation Leo the Fe-Lion ... Energy of the Hathor !
The Leonid Meteor shower is extremely significant and has historically produces some of the greatest meteor showers in history.
The Divine Feminine began to download with the nurturing energy of the hallowed Venus Transit.
Humanity experienced the astonishing and extraordinary vision of Venus transiting exquisitely across the Sun.
Venus, ever the enduring symbol of the sublime & nurturing Unconditional Love and the heralded 'Goddesses' termed the Divine Feminine.
And so indeed the Divinity of such Love, that termed the Divine Feminine is now in therequisite role of balancing the New Earth, achieving the necessary parity of raising the Feminine. It is the return of the Goddess !
 * The world is now shifting to open its collective Heart in an ecstatic blissful loving embrace .
The uploading of the Divine Feminine is allowing a beautiful rebirth of Feminine nurturing values to lead us into our 2012 prophesied Ascension.
 * It is the Age of the Golden Hathor representing Unconditional Enduring Love.
* It opens the portals of The Age of Crystalline Light into non-polarity dimensions.
The New Divine Feminine is occurring in November in the Solar Eclipse.
When all humanity equally embrace one another the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine...
then & only then a renewed World of Peace can and will follow.
Play your intra-active part in this process...
Anchor the Divine Feminine to balance the Earth.
* (Contemplate on what would Divine Feminine do during these earth-changes/storms/hurricanes?) *~~
* Read The Hue'Man experience as a Hue'Man... that is through all Hue'Man... in the Hue'Man...
and STRIKE The Divine in each-ONE... *
Climb within unto your Inner Heights, and Open your heart's connection to Soul, listen & follow ! Be proactive in the Ascension.

* Dear ONE, do you have a R-E-L-A-T-I-O-N-S-H-I-P with Gaia or don't you?

Can you give instructions for Gaia to shake less in areas that are populated?
Do you believe you have that power?
This is the Human Being: Consciousness over matter.
It has a relationship with the planet that wants to hear from you.
As the crust adjusts, you're going to have more shaking.
There's going to be more volcanic activity... and other changes...
* Re-establish the relationship.
Then watch what takes place: Earthquakes in unpopulated areas,
an under-the-ocean earthquake without a tsunami event,
volcanoes that affect no one. It's possible. It's doable.
This is what is happening at the moment with Gaia,
so don't be alarmed at the sudden increase in activity.
It is normal. It has happened every single time the ice has melted and reformed.
The Goddess is calling within you, each-ONE, through these challenges with hidden Gifts for you,
that you may not see if you have slapped on filters over your Light... !
* Turn your lights on those who need you now,
for that is the most important issue.
Then later, when enough time has passed,
become strong in your resolve to understand that everything you are seeing now is a precursor
to a new kind of partnership with the forces of the planet
Turn your LIGHT ON inside... come ALIVE... stay ALIGHT right through all STORMs of LIFE....
for SELF and all others...
What is staring in the face of Hue'Manity is:
 * Produce electricity from the waves!
* Produce fresh water from the ocean!
* Build differently and plan for this kind of weather so that it is not a constant surprise.
* Technology is there for this, but is being held back for monetary and political reasons.
It's time to claim the wisdom of the moment...
YOU are in the Middle of The SHIFT...

NOW is The TIME to strike your PURE LIGHT... BE The LightHouse in the STORM, Dear ONEs...

Light-Houses are never built in safe places.... but in the storm...
You are all being held in the Pure Light of The Cosmic Intelligence we are...
Dear ONEs, YOU are The CORE of this TRANSITION... and you ought to stay at Your CORE...
Let all spinning on the periphery pass.... hold the LIGHT for The PASSING...


Jyothis Chrystallis Orthonis


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