Friday, December 16, 2011

A Traditional Swedish Gingerbread Cookie Recipe

A Traditional Swedish Gingerbread Cookie Recipe

Given to me by MagnusGiven to him by his mother.  Given to all who enjoy baking by me.

This recipe will make about 100 cookies.


250 g melted butter
4 deciliter sugar (half of it raw sugar and 2 deciliter usual white sugar)
1,5 deciliter "light" syrup (not the white syrup but the common light brown syrup used)
2,5 tablespoons of powder clove (malen kryddnejlika)
2 tablespoon cinnamon (powder) (malen kanel)
1,5 tablespoon ginger (powder) (malen ingefära)
0,75 tablespoon bikarbonat (baking soda)
0,5 teaspoon kardemumma (cardamum powder)
0,5 teaspoon kryddpeppar (powder peppar (not black or whit peppar but the one named, KRYDD peppar
7,5 decilite white flour (vetemjöl)
0,75 deciliter water
Just melt the butter, put in the sugar and syrup and let melt a little.  Blend all the spices together with everything except the flour. Then blend in the pot until it's smooth and blended. Then blend the flour a little at a time until it's  all  mixed in.  Let it cool for maybe half an hour (it will be a little slippery and not so firm in the constancy) and then put it in plastic bag or Glad bag in the fridge.  It should stand a couple of hours, but usually over the night is best, then it's hard and ready to bake. Then just use the baking rolling pin on a floured table and put them on a cookie sheet . 200 C degress in the oven for maximum, 5 minutes (if they start to look a little black around the edges, they have been to long).  Let them cool  for about 15 minutes, and they will be the best gingerbread cookies (pepparkaks) you have ever eaten ;-) (At least I think so) ;-) ;-)


Note:  You will have to convert the European measurements to North American if you're in the States.  For those in Europe you will not have any problem.

For a little history of this Swedish traditional cookie, please click on the link below.


Betty Manousos said...

sounds like a delicious recipe.

those cookies look so yummy!

hav a great weekend!

Magnus said...

Yes, this gingerbread taste a lot better than all the ones you can ever buy, even better than at a good bakery. But they can loose their form in the oven sometimes, they rise up and drop (but that is the magic taking place giving them a good soft crispiness). And don't worry if they dough feel too soft or slippery when you have blended everything and you think you have taken too little flour - you just have to lay it in plastic and put it in the fridge over the night, and then it's ready to bake. P.S Doing gingerbread is the only time during the year that you are allowed to eat dough before baking it (that means both children and adults as well ;-)) Sweet and spicy :-) But not too much for the stomach ;-) Good luck!

Unknown said...

YUMMY!!! I'm half Swedish and think I will be making these soon!

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Venessa:

Thanks for stopping by and hope the cookies turn out good. Stop by again next week and I will have a simple Swedish Cheese Cake recipe post. I modified it a bit, but it's the type of cheese cakes people make here and it's very simple to make.

Kind regards,

jipjanneke said...

Hello, looks like a great recipe, going to try making them this afternoon in tropical Far-North Queensland (Australia) because we have fond memories of Christmas spent last year near Karlstad where we ate bucketloads of these biscuits! We'll let you know how they go, probably we'll have to employ the fridge technique to keep the mixture solid while we are cutting the shapes (it's +33°C here at the moment, in contrast to the -33°C we had a year ago!)...