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The Destruction of Canada's Family Farm by Arthur W. Macklin

The Destruction of Canada's Family Farm
by Arthur W. Macklin
Global Research Canada, 9 December 2011
Open Letter To Environmental Groups from an Alberta grain farmer, November 27, 2011
I am a Canadian wheat and barley producer; who values and respects democratic process. I want to protect the environment, preserve wild life habitat and I am very concerned about climate change

The Harper government is intent on destroying our Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) (BillC-18) before Canadians have time to become aware of the negative effects this fundamental change to grain marketing will have on the environment and many other aspects of Canadian life and our food.


1. Trees will be bulldozed and burnt, wind breaks taken out, fence rows cleared, wetlands drained as larger farm operations take over control of the land.

2. Wildlife and water fowl habitat will be lost.

3. Energy consumption and climate changing emissions will increase in grain transportation.

4. More climate changing nitrous oxide will be produced.

5. Genetically modified, glyphosate resistant wheat and other genetically modified crops will be licensed for production and more super weeds will develop requiring combinations of even stronger chemicals to control.

6. The genetically modified crops will cross pollinate with other crops and make organic production difficult if not impossible as has already happened with canola.

7. Corporate controlled factory farms will increasingly take over production and control of land with the associated problems of water and air pollution.

8. Genetic diversity of food crops will decrease.


1. Rural depopulation as family farms become less economically viable.

2. Increased taxes to maintain roads as more rail lines are abandoned.

3. More concentration of wealth in a small group and less equality in society.

4. Erosion of democracy and parliamentary process.

5. Loss of collective bargaining for farmers and workers.

6. Investor groups, both domestic and foreign, buying farmland.

7. Increased multinational control of the world’s food.


Bill C-18 will remove the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) single desk selling authority and fire the ten farmer-elected directors on the fifteen person CWB Board.

Currently the CWB is a democratic, farmer controlled marketing agency with marketing strength because all farmers are selling as one and are not under cutting each other. The CWB sells directly to customers in over 70 countries and returns 100% of the sales revenue minus operating costs of 2% back to producers.

Best of luck to Arthur and all Canadian Family Farmers whose way of life is being threatened by this legislation.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike

Yes, have been following this here. This PM we have at the moment - Harper - is a disturbing individual to have running our country. Apart from any other reason he is a fundamentalist Christian and decisions are often made from that perspective. He is very authoritarian and controlling.


Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello M.:

Thanks for a Canadian perspective on this problem.

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