Monday, December 12, 2011

Hack'n'Slash Economics: 'Europe Made Fit One-Size bed' - Interview with Adrian Salbuchi

Efforts by European leaders to shoe-horn a range of diverse countries into a rigid financial cage are doomed to fail. But that's all part of a long-term plan for a global super-currency which can only bring more hardship to ordinary working people.

In Greek mythology, Procrustes was the son of Poseidon, God of the deep blue seas. He built an iron bed of a size that suited him, and then forced everybody who passed by his abode to lie on it. If the passerby was shorter than his bed, then Procrustes would stretch him, breaking bones, tendons and sinews until the victim fitted; if he was taller, then Procrustes would chop off feet and limbs until the victim was the "right" size...

Adrian Salbuchi, political analyst, author, speaker and commentator talks to RT about the EU summit outcome.

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