Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sofia & Anna - Rievssat

After the last entry on this sad business of nuclear accidents and the negative effects on the health of the planet and on us (since in truth one cannot separate oneself from the Earth), I decided to share this lovely music that is a gift to us from two beautiful Sami Swedish singers, Sofia and Anna.

 I have hiked and camped at the very top where Finland, Sweden and Norway meet each other and I see it as the place where Heaven meets Earth. If you have eyes to see, the Land sparkles with a light that both calms one while at the same time giving off a strong sense of joy. This is a place of great energy and healing and you can see the effects of it in the native people who live there.

 It's strange how the truly beautiful and powerful places on the planet have so few people living there. I have heard it said that people tend to settle in great numbers in places with darker and unhealthful energies and I am beginning to believe that this is true and if they were beautiful, I think that we pollute and poison them quickly. I sometimes think about how beautiful North America must have been just 300 years back and how unhealthful and unbalanced it has become after being settled by those who came to take and steal from the land rather than live in balance with the natural beauty.

We are made of the stuff of the Earth and the Earth can be effected by what we create. For whatever reason we have lost the ability to live in harmony with nature and have lost touch with natural abilities to heal and be healed by Nature. We have also lost our connection to God or Good, so in a sense we are orphans of both the Mother and the Father who long for our return while we remain lost in a darkness of mind and emotion not seeing that we are only a heartbeat away from both. When one finds his or her heart, then one will be reunited in the the love of both.

Now, I will get off my soapbox and you can listen to the music and look upon the beauty in the land and perhaps feel what I am trying to convey in words.



Anonymous said...

"Listening to these beautiful Sami singers brought back powerful and emotional memories to me. My wife and I visited this area of northern Europe in 1976. They were so very kind to us and made us feel welcome. This especially after we told them that we came from the Yukon in northern Canada - a somewhat similar northern area to theirs.

They then gave is a beautiful cabin on an island to live in along with a canoe to get there in. They refused to take any money from us! These particular people owned a store that sold everything as it was the only place to buy food for many miles around.

Their openess and friendliness I have never forgotten and so listening to this beautiful singing by these girls was very emotional for me - especially as we sadly look around the world to-day and our sickening behaviour we exhibet towards one and other. Sad, sad, sad!

Thank you, Michael, indeed - The 'other' Michael! " :)

Michael Brine
Yukon, Canada

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Yukon Mike:

Thanks for your beautiful comment. This lovely music and looking at the pictures from the area also bring back fond memories of my visits to the far, far north in this part of the world.

Kindest and warmest regards,