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A Message From Alex Kochkin

I received this e-mail today from Alex at Global Awakening News and I thought that it was worthwhile reading so decided to post it on my blog.  So, here it is in it's entirety for all who may be interested:

April 1, 2011

Global Awakening News

“You are a part of an evolving spiritual being that has been working to understand the human experience and the nature of density in the context of connection to Higher Oneness.”

March 20, 2011 Telecall transcript is now available.


My supplementary preface and postscript to the group discussion is included in this email.  The actual transcript is about 44 pages in length.


Preface from Alex: 

The March 20th group was standing in for so many more and some very good work was done on the evening of March 20th, the Spring Equinox and it extended far outward.  Ripples forward to present time as this creation and its time-space envelope is cleared and upgraded, “made new” as it would be and a new planetary consciousness.

Thanks to volunteers, a verbatim transcript was prepared that was edited for readability. Paraphrasing of my own and John’s remarks was done to improve readability. Very little editing was done to the comments from callers, and so there are many “um’s” left in place.

We have included perhaps more than most may realize in A-List material of 2011 that is intended to help everyone prepare themselves and to make what changes they find most important, sooner than later.

I also wish to call attention to the coming days of April beginning on the 1st for everyone to take added care to attend whatever important material and spiritual needs there may be.

This is especially the case given the rapid escalation towards new levels of warfare and the build up of planetary energies that are likely to lead to a major release this month. Possibly on both sides of the Pacific Rim, from Korea north through Japan. I am also noticing the entire West Coast of North America. At times it seems that the energy breaking out is more in the northern portion, than southern and then it shifts a little. The planetary instability and changes will be ongoing. Later in September through end of October a space object named “Elenin” will be coming between earth and sun, passing earth at roughly a quarter of the earth-sun (or about 80 to 100 times the distance of the earth to the moon). This may facilitate new challenges for humans on earth, perhaps bridging certain solar-earth energies.

Then in early November a 400 meter asteroid will pass by Earth, estimated at 0.84 of the earth-lunar distance. These notes are not meant to diminish the larger challenge to human life of an entire planetary system about the undergo major changes, regardless of what ocean or coast or crustal structures you may live nearest. It is global, solar and even greater in scope.

I would also to remind everyone here about the effects of chaotic fears and
becoming drawn in to all the major events involving humans and this planet.



March 30, 2011

Postscript to March 20th Discussion Group

There are many near term “disaster” scenarios that are likely to play out. Some locations will be more affected than others. These events will vary in intensity and duration. Too many people are still all tied up in knots over irrelevant matters such as whether or not secret/shadow government programs are deliberately engaged in creating planetary catastrophes.

What difference does it make whether the earthquakes, tsunamis, and now multiple nuclear meltdowns are by-products of planetary changes – or partly or entirely the result of deliberate actions by some secret shadowy forces? What difference does it make in terms of what is going on? The entire nuclear industry worldwide is a disaster waiting to happen.

Nearly everything about the human world is a self-maintaining concatenation of falsehoods aided and installed by dark forces beyond the human level. These dark forces are no longer control, but their human counterparts and various interdimensional minions are manipulating the machinery of control  “They” cannot fathom that as eternal spiritual beings, this is not our primary residence nor is our existence centered upon such a twisted paradigm of existence.

However, their existence is. If they want to have a short while pretending they are masters of the universe, then so be it. The planetary and larger cosmic processes will make short work of them.

Without any of the dark forces or the detritus of their parasitic civilizations, earth will again host a new creation experiment and will have a new planetary consciousness. Those who understand that should have little concern for the twists and turns of global human affairs at this point, rather should be focusing on their own spiritual evolution and growth.
Despite all that has occurred under the dark, as this world undergoes major changes, it will be giving birth to what become new creator beings.


The following is from my correspondence with someone in the group who has raised some of the most central questions. So here is the substance of my comments:

I have received some email that has shared something of the effects of the correction energies, but for most, it is a process that continues to grow.  There is no one single sign or symptom. It is amazingly unique to each.  However at some point, there is a growing awareness of much more to ones existence and to a greater existence and to greater potentials. I continue to urge clear intention and attending to that and the detachment from the distractions of a dying world.

No one knows what this ratio of humans on earth is going to be, nor when in time such a process would appear to be “completed”.  Although it does seem sooner than later. This year it seems to begin.  I must emphasize “seems” to begin. Not sure what will be the first thing.  Perhaps it is the Japan EQ that signals this.  I  do not know for sure and simply observe until a clear pattern is apparent to me.

What does appear to be the case are two things: one is a very large change in human population due to various factors which I have written about before. Changes in the planetary and space environments – atmospheric, oceanic, crustal, & wars, disease, starvation, -- there is also another factor, that being large numbers of people consciously leaving their bodies behind, those physically “walking out” (disappearing) vibrationally, and those being “removed” however that may occur with the assistance of those “alien” forces that we would consider “beneficent” – in many cases they are aspects of our own larger selves and so the term “alien” would be misleading.

Over what human time line will there be such a large population change?  I have no idea.  It could be one year, it could be 10 years, it could be 100 years.  Like a bell curve distribution, but what we cannot be sure of is where the bulk of the curve will be centered on a calendar time line.  But it seems soon.

Various sources of “future viewings” (myself included) are aware of a massive population change of humans on this planet in the near term (whatever that may be). These seem to be in the range of 90% to 75% of the present population gone.  This “apparent consensus” from various future viewing sources does not tell us what such a time frame would be in present day calendar terms.

As I wrote in the most recent Update, 80% of the human population is concentrated in coastal regions and dense urban concentrations and thus at very high risk from any combination of physically destructive forces – human and “natural”.

Now let us look at all this from another perspective, one that I have discussed in various ways in various articles: How is it possible for present day humans to continue to live at this level of population, governed by a powerful global elite that has tens of millions of minions enforcing a system of predatory control over billions? In between the layers of tens of million of minions and the billions of human prey, there is a powerful and complex set of social belief systems, implanted and reinforced memes, that make this system of control self-managing.

In short, the inmates have been well trained to maintain their imprisonment. Every so often they get to remodel the prison and change the landscaping a bit, but otherwise it is still a prison. Already hundreds of millions are living in world that is rapidly resembling the story “Soylent Green”. The global elite only have a limited capacity for social control and as more things fall apart, it will be easier to quarantine whole countries or regions and/or “eliminate” the “burdensome” population. This is already underway in a slow way and can be easily accelerated through any number of mechanisms from warfare to disease to mass poisonings.

Two immediate examples are the poisoning of millions of people in the GoM region and the practical extermination of the future population in the region around Iraq. This latter effect of course is from a combination of many tons of aerosolized depleted uranium and novel poisons introduced into the environment over the course of 20 years of continuous warfare.

Consider the effects of massive oceanic disturbances – from fast acting ones such as tsunamis to slow ones, such the displacement of ocean waters due to the rising seafloor. The first effect can remove large numbers of people as they are washed out to sea and the second effect forces large numbers of people to relocate.  This also implies a loss of food sources, stress factors that multiply disease mortalities, etc.

However anyone looks at the present human situation, it is not a viable one.

Hence the “correction energies” – and the direct intervention from true creation source (not to be confused with the local false creator gods who are insane).

As to why bother relocating, moving away, etc. from harm’s way?  This is good question and a personal one for each and every person who considers their situation. A great many will simply have no choice since they lack the means to relocate. A great many will not have a clue until it is too late because they lack the mental faculty to recognize that they are like the frogs in the pot of water and the temperature is reaching critical and there is nothing materially they can do.  And a great many will realize the situation, make peace with themselves and others, and like someone who has lived on the slope of an active volcano, may decide that they have had a good life and choose not to leave their beloved mountain. Etc.

There are those who will relocate to survive.  And there are those who will relocate to maintain themselves for spiritual reasons.  And some of those who relocate initially purely to survive may find spiritual consciousness, although not all will of course. 

Hence my remarks that many are here hanging around to witness the great changes and to assimilate a massive amount of spiritual learning. Some will be assisting in various ways, including providing “ground level“ feedback to the higher levels, some will be in a state of partially ascended consciousness and perhaps even altered physical and subtle bodies as well.

This is a great service beyond words. This is why I am still here, of course.  As long as it is tolerable and appropriate.  Some will begin a process of merging with the new planetary consciousness. Many possibilities. Some are already developing a unified field body and may become like balls or clouds of spiritual light. 

And I have explained all this in various contexts in various articles to the “A-List”.

Formerly, with this realm tightly under dark control, what appeared to be ”next level up” or ascended levels were still trapped within the dark zone.  This contributed to so much misdirection, disinformation, and some downright rubbish being channeled to humans from these self-promoting “higher levels”.

However, the dark control is ending here. That means that the high level of parasitic existence is ending. The grand control cycles are ending.  I do not support any of the notions some endless cosmic cycling of dark-light/light-dark, etc. ad nauseum.  I never have, and certainly do not now. There is to be no more mindless birth/death “recycling” with no real learning occurring. Those who seek such an experience will no doubt find such wishes fulfilled.  But overall, I do not see that the “next level up” for the vast majority who make the transition will be found to be another false world under the dark. So far, the near levels up for most have been limited to levels of existence still within a fallen zone.  But as we have tried to explain, this is changing and I have never had any sense that with all the great changes going on now, that the “next level up” for most will be another version of the “dark matrix”, albeit perhaps “prettier” (as it was in the eponymous movie).  

As to “classes”, indeed I mean this in many ways quite literally. Groups of formerly individual human selves will have commonalities in terms of healing and learning needs, familiar environments, etc. And a joyful holiday!  Let’s not forget that! These are prepared already and are being further prepared and expanded at the next levels up. Hence my comment not to worry whether you “get it” (in terms of the essence of spiritual lessons) while human, you will have further opportunities to complete as an individuation.  Of course there will be some that choose to no longer maintain an individuation of their human self for any number of spiritual reasons.

I have tried to explain that “Karma” is no longer a control mechanism. So I would not worry about that. What is important is ones “unfinished business” and ones own completion as a human self becoming spiritually awakened entity.

Choosing to be here now?  We have spoken of his in so many ways and summarized this in the most recent Update. There are soul beings that are here for one last go-round at learning the essentials of 3d density.  This is part of their own completions as larger beings. So, for some of us as human individuations, you could imagine ones larger soul being asking “are you ‘the one’…?”  The “one” to help put in place some remaining major pieces of the creation experience overall. Including understanding the dark as well as the true light?

Are you “the one”?

Maybe you carry one small piece to a larger puzzle.

Perhaps “you” will be the nucleus for a new type of spiritual being, one connected to The All through the higher oneness.

There are not human words to describe being part of a new / remaking of creation.

I hope this helps some towards addressing the concerns expressed in your letter.

All my best to everyone here!



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