Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 25, 2011 Message - Many Will Awaken One Day

I was back to my stream of consciousness writing on Monday evening and this is what came to me.  If you can touch to the essense of this message you will truly feel a warming of your human heart.  I went deep into the feeling this time and though the message is simple, the power to heal that lies just behind the words as you read it is of a tremendous force.  Now, relax and I recommend that you read this in a quiet place or out in a natural environment.  If you live in a city, put on some calming music, meditate, pray or take a sauna or hot bath with salts and oils and then read in a more open state of being.  Here was a gift given to me to share with others who will accept this gift.

Many Will Awaken One Day

Many will awaken one day from this self imposed nightmare and see the truth in all things.  Yes, eyes that see and ears that hear and hearts that sing out a joy long forgotten by Man.

You think that our words are false, yet we speak only those words which give a hope in a future reality in which reason rules the mind and love rules the hearts of Mankind.  You think that you are so far away from the prize, yet the prize is within your grasp only awaiting your insight and willingness to accept your true natures.

You are as lions who sleep while sheep tend the flock.  You have forgotten your role and your place within creation.  Yes, lions once brave and proud, yet not in an arrogent way, but rather from a knowing of their strength and courage that was once so common and now so rare amongst Man.

A virus like energy has infected your minds, but not your hearts.  For, the heart is the seat of your greatest glory.  Your hearts are as pearls that gleem in the sunshine and hold the gaze of both Man and Woman.  Your heart is the seat of joy and in joy there is only love and a natural caring for ones self and the selves of all others.

For love and joy are intertwined and cannot be separated by any force within the natural or unnatural worlds.  Yes, they both sit within the hearts of all just waiting your entrance.  Enter and be healed of all darkness that plagues your minds, your emotions and your bodies.  Accept illness no more.

Seek again the sanctuary of your hearts and fear not.  For within the hearts chambers there is no room for fear.  Fear is a creation of a sick mind and love the creation of a healthy heart.

So, seek refuge within your hearts and fear no more.  Once inside it's embrace all your ills and illusions will cease to exist and you will see the truth of your being.  A being formed in love that lives within the domain of love, distracted and poisoned by a few of dark determination who lack the strength and resilency of the human heart, who lack its power and ability to create such things of beauty that all the senses can experience and enjoy.

Yes, the inhuman ones have deceived you all and led you astray, but now their rule has ended and now begins the rule of the human heart.  Yes, human joined with Good, no longer afraid to express its true nature.  No longer afraid, no longer sick, no longer weakened by the darkness of this world.

For, now the darkness flees the Light unleashed upon this world.  Flees the truth and clarity of mind that arrives when mind and heart join together and cooperate.

So, have no fear and accept this gift of the open heart.  Accept this offer and fear those of weakness no more.  Join with us again in your rightful place as co-creators of human community.

There are no battles to fight, none to overthrow.  For, the Sun does not destroy the Earth, but gives a steady stream of Light that allows for life to exist in your world.  The Light emanating from the heart has the same effect upon the human body.  It gives it life and good health and a joy in living.

In truth, there is nothing to evolve into.  Only a simple acceptance of what you already are and have always been.  Sleeping lions behaving as lambs.

Now, is the time to awaken from your dream and live together as One.  Joining together, heart to heart, mind to mind, with all Mankind.  Then, you will know that the words that we spoke so long ago were true and your long ahead with join with our long ago in the Now and together we will liberate and enliven the human hearts and join again with the Heart of Goodness and together all hearts will beat with the One Heart and all hearts will know and accept their place within creation.

Now, our hearts have joined and Love again rules upon the Land.  A Land no longer forgotten, once again Home.


Prashant Sree said...

Hello Mike,

Nice post. I agree with you that one can find bliss within oneself. But sometimes its hard to face fear, which entraps a person easily... Fear of not living to one's highest potential, fear of not achieving wat one wants, fear of a secure life, fear of being betrayed, cheated... the list goes on and on.

Could you share how one can face those feelings and be happy.

Thanks in anticipation of your reply.

Warm regards,

Prashant Sree

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Aragon:

I will try to answer your question by the use of a story.

When I was a very young boy, I had a dream in which I was being chased by witches, demons and monsters. Quite a nightmare (I was terrified)and in the middle of it I thought to stop running and to turn around and face the advancing army of evil ones and when I did, they all disappeared and I was at peace.

I believe that you will get the meaning and by answering your question in this way, you will come to your own insight that will benefit you in future years. Feel the calm of you already understanding the question that you asked.

Many well wishes,