Sunday, April 17, 2011

April 16, 2011 Message - Let The Healing Begin

After my prayers and meditation last evening I received this information which I wrote as a stream of consciousness.  I have always given this information freely in the hope that it would touch to the hearts of many in time and perhaps bring some comfort or peace to those who are open enough to understand and feel the meaning and energy behind the words.  I see these words as given to me as a gift to share with others and I do this freely without any need or requests for payment. 

I usually recommend that the person calms oneself by prayer or meditation or printing out this material and going out to a natural area with less distraction and reading it under a tree or near the sea or near moving water or a lake.  If one lives in a city area, then some soft music and a sauna or hot bath with sea salt and some essential oil that is relaxing can be a way to open oneself to the moment and feel the Goodness behind the words.  I only mention this because this has been my experience and my way to open myself up to be able to touch to what I have labeled, the calmness and certainy of Spirit. So, enjoy if you so wish and will.

April 16, 2011 Message - Let The Healing Begin

Let the healing begin, not just the healing of self, but for many selves, all seeking a better way into tomorrow.

What are we asking now?

We are asking that you again trust in you own innate abilities to not just solve your many Earthly problems but to create new never before solutions.  Yes, solutions that act as a solvent to clean and release the old rusted mechanisms that no longer work properly and be taken away and given back to the Earth so that Mans ingenuity can again create with the help of Self.

One just has to listen to this Voice, this Voice that cries out in the darkness of your despair, this Voice that calls you back to your good senses, that talks of the joy in living and the love of one another.  A Voice with the authority of Eternity and the resolve of all who have come before to reform and enliven your human communities.

Listen now in the silence, listen now as a Voice arises within you, listen for now is the time and the opportunity created by the many who have come before and left their beautiful dreams behind to inspire and lead you back upon the garden path.

Yes, listen in the silence and create anew a world more to your liking, a world where reason and love co-exist, a world in which the slavery to ego or of others by those of ill intent exist no more.

For this Voice unheard has been the norm for countless centuries, but now this Voice once again arises within you as a bud in the Spring to release It's beautiful colors and fragrance that was hidden from view.  Never gone, always there just waiting upon the moment for It's renewal within you.

Listen, listen and hear again the Voice of reason and of love.  The Voice that comforts and encourages you to your better natures.  A Voice that will lead the way back both to your former glory and forward into a glory yet to be formed.  Formed of the breath of creation and the will of many.

Now is the time.  Many await your arrival, many await your Light to be added to their Light and together the collective Light will intensify and burn away the mire of countless centuries lost within a fog of unconsciousness.

Now, feel the gift that awaits you upon your arrival back to yourSelf and the Selves of all who love.  For, the Love is strong and frees one from all one's illusionary ailments and troubles.  Seen in clarity, no longer will you be deceived.

Awaken from your inertia and move again with purpose through time and space.  Awaken to the Sringtime of your creation.  Awaken to new life and an energy so fresh and clean that nothing can soil it as you come into yourSelf.

Yes, self aligned with Self in a new harmonic.  A music released into you realm of Man, a music now heard by many, a music that soothes and heals, a music that caresses and embraces you and opens you up to your hearts way.

Yes, the hearts way, never forgotten, never lost, only misplaced while ego took over the reign of your lives and that of human communities.  You fell into a deep sleep of unknowing that you are the ones, you have always been the ones who are part of the One.

Now, cease all resistence and just be yourSelf for the moment and within that moment will appear the Whole of Eternity and within that moment you will know why you are here and why you have come here this day.

Trust in yourselves and trust in the Goodness that you are all a part of.

Now, it is done.  Now, can we live in the peace of the moment.  Enjoy this pause and drink deep of the nector of creation.  Fear has left and love has entered.

No longer slaves, but now as free beings living together.  Remember this moment and know that more such moments are possible and now within your grasp.

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