Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April 3, 2011 Message - Now, We Have Come To A Time

Here is a another of my stream of consciousness writings that came to me on Sunday evening, April 3, 2011.  I had posted two inspirational videos earlier that day and made the comment under one , "That I reckon it must be inspirational Sunday".  Well, these words were true in a sense and later that day, I did my prayers and meditation to calm my mind so that mySelf can come through and enlighten me as well as others whom wish for enlightenment.  These messages are given to be shared with others.

 Here are the words that came to me:

April 3, 2011 Message

Now, we have come to a time in the history of Mankind when Love seeks a way to enter your realm of Man.  We have encouraged and helped for countless centuries, but now it is time for Man to once again be responsible for his or her own fate and that of your human communities.

Your minds and your wills have been clouded by fear, but now is it time to lift the veil and come into your true natures as co-creators and co-operators in the building of human community.  You have been led astray for far too long, convinced that you are weak and of little worth by those who in reality are the worthless ones.  Although, in a sense all have value, even the betrayers of their own kind.

Once Earth was truly a paradise in which both Man and beast shared in a way that most in your world can never imagine let alone make into reality.  Your minds have been infected by darkness, yet your hearts have the key to your liberation.  For the heart is the center of your being and the seat of your greatest power to create.

Look to your hearts for inspiration, look to your hearts for direction, look to your hearts for Love and direct that Love first back to yourselves and then out to others.  For, the heart has the healing power to heal all ills and confusions of the mind.  For, the mind often tends to mischief whereas the heart tends to healing.  The healing of bodies, emotional distress, mental disorders and all that ails your human communities.

So, we ask all who come upon these words to trust in yourselves and to seek and nurture that which is best within your humanities.

We will not say that there is little time or that the end is near,  For these are the words directed by fear.  Our words are directed by Love and show the way toward your own inherent love, strength and wisdom that has lied dormant within you for countless centuries awaiting a time of great awakening.

We say to you that now is the time to awaken to your heart's light, now is the time of redemption, now is the time of self-fulfillment and now is the focal point of creation.  It is in the now that past and future co-exist and it is in the now that you have access to your greatest power.

So, shall we now calm ourselves and allow the Now to do it's work of liberation of self.  Choose not your lives of slavery, rather choose your freedom through Love.  For Love is the great liberator, Love is the great revealer, Love is that which calms the mind and activates the heart and that which awakens you from your sleep and allows you to live together in peace.


Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste, excellent post riddled with the one truth. I enjoy your point of perception.

In Lak' ech, love is all there is.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Christopher:

Thank you for your kind words. Yes, all begins in love and ends in love.

My best wishes,

Magnus said...

Thank you for sharing this. It felt very calming and as real true words of light, love and wisdom. I tried to have some sunday reflection on my own, but didn't show up with such wise words but still some other things which made really sense to me when I read your words...

I think what most of us must do first is to completely love all aspects of our selves and porfoundly to have abundance to share our love with others... And I asked to get some direction, but on that particular time I didn't receive anything which I knew was because I couldn't truly love myself. Fortunately for us, there are other beings who are willing to help then, when one hasn't been able to reach within as profoundly... I felt the presence of someone other (which I felt to be as my former mother in this earthly life and I asked - please, give me some words and wisdom - say something, please) but no words was uttered. But suddenly I got a feeling - something just beamed out of her with her angellike face and bright smile - a feeling came to me of love and joy, and with a certainty with that is all there is. Love and joy is all that is, and it was no doubts or other possible thoughts about that, and with that realisation a surge of bluish and purplish "light" seemed to shine through me and it was a great relief of feeling that Love, Joy and Light is all there is if we choose that path, and happiness will always be with us. And this message made this "knowing" even clearer, so thank you.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Magnus:

Looks to me like you are very capable of finding your own insights. As I say to all, listen to your own Inner Voice first. Nobody knows you better than yourSelf. Thanks for sharing this personal experence with other readers. Perhaps one day we will talk more about this experience, but not today and not on the net.

Take care and best wishes,